The Weekly Yak

I go to TU, of course I talk about missing community college all the time even though I begged on my hands and knees to get into this school. It’s only been three weeks of class and I want to tap out. In other news, the sun has finally returned and so has my personal belief that life, along with my Vitamin D intake, actually does get better! That one professor I have, though: Know your place.

Seasonal affective disorder might be hitting like a semi-truck against a deer on the highway, but we’ll pull through the red mist and push our way to the end of this semester. One way or another.

There is an oasis in the desert of schoolwork and lengthy readings that is the social app Yik Yak — a glimmer of hope amidst our chaos of raw food, apartment floods, and textbooks that have yet to arrive. And it is my proud duty to distinguish the best of the best of my peers’ comments about the school that we all thought would be our sanctuary. As always, we refrain from reusing posts that were posted in previous weeks, and ones in which graphics provide the majority of the context for the posts:

“Shoutout to the girl i saw in the library last week pull out her switch, win a round of fortnite, then go back to studying like nothing happened” – Tulsa

“Pike’s DJ from last night needs to find a new hobby (heart emoji) [Redacted] was [redacted] (heart emoji)” – Tulsa

“Bruh we’ve only been at school for two weeks so far. Feels like a month damn” – Tulsa

“Walking across campus for food has given me a new appreciation for the existence of friction” – Tulsa

“Ok but why tf is attendance graded in college? … I get sick and that’s my fault? (skull emoji)” – Tulsa

“Block classes really open my eyes to how stupid some people are at this school” – Tulsa

“‘Discuss with your neighbor’ I’d rather commit suicide” – Tulsa

“Turns out being poor is not a great financial strategy” – Tulsa

“I chose an elective based off rate my professor saying they were hot. I do not regret it. I’ll be at office hours.” – Tulsa

“I love the spring-like weather today” – Tulsa

The Weekly Yak would not be complete without my picks from the few that deserved more of the sunlight. Here are my favorites from this week:

“My cat just pissed in my zen garden (crying emoji)” – Tulsa

“Holding the absolute [redacted] out of my horses rn” – Tulsa

“What GPA do i need to be a trophy wife” – Tulsa

“Y’all dgaf abt commuters until y’all want a snow day and I support it” – Tulsa

“You can tell my parents just don’t tell my recommendation letter writers” – Tulsa

I would like to thank The Collegian for being my personal diary.

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Post Author: Hannah Moua