Tidal Shift: the art exhibition comes to Tulsa

27 April 2017
Ruiming Li, Student Writer

Art Werger’s prints prove to be impressive, thought-provoking and grand in scale.

Sherman Smith Family Gallery in Zarrow Center for Art and Education is presenting an art exhibition named Tidal Shift.

Tidal Shift is an exhibition offering plenty of high standard prints by Art Werger, professor of printmaking from Ohio University. His prints are overarching. They feature the aggregation of humanity, naturalism and the theme of the ocean — nature’s greatest gifts and threats coincide. Art Werger and his arts are enjoying good fame and have received over 250 awards in national and international exhibitions.

The direct subject of Art Werger’s prints in the exhibition is human images and nature. The printer focuses on the independent or multiple characters’ activity and their association with water in the overall composition. Most of them are a combination of movement and quiescence, which provides special visual perception both of dynamic and static beauty to the viewer.

The prints in the exhibition also show a keen observation of quiet and normally unnoticed moments. The viewer can complete the story in the prints with their creativity and self-explanation based on the printer’s masterful capturing of mood reflected by light and shadow in any detail.

The exhibition of Tidal Shift is free to the public from April 7 to May 24, 2017. It is open 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday through Saturday.