Toast: A slice of Tulsa’s brunch

The best is yet to crumb at Tulsa’s newest brunch spot.

Flipping onto the Tulsa brunch scene, Toast offers a tantalizing menu that tests the limits of culinary experiences. Toast opened on their new 11 Street location, right next to the Cosmopolitan Hotel, on March 10. Their extensive four-page menu offers selections from lemon blueberry pancakes to peanut butter sriracha burgers. Toast has any and every brunch desire covered.
The Collegian was invited to try out Toast’s menu and conduct an exclusive interview with owner, operator and dishwasher Clint McKinney.
McKinney has a lean and efficient approach to his unique menu creations as everything is made from scratch each morning. The efficiency of Toast’s menu comes from an innovative inventory strategy McKinney employs to “take one item and make three things out of it.” This efficent strategy passes along cost savings to the end consumer and allows Toast to keep its delicious meals affordable.
McKinney believes that his restaurant has some of the best service you will ever see and is willing to “put [his] staff and management up against any place.” The staff at Toast is trained on forging meaningful connections with their patrons and often McKinney himself is out on the floor getting to know customers. McKinney prides himself on meeting people traveling through Tulsa and says he has “lost count of how many people I’ve met in this business that have become friends that you go over to their house or you go out to eat with them.” McKinney’s dedication to service is unmatched within the hospitality industry. Every aspect of Toast is designed to keep guests well-fed and feeling right at home.
McKinney tries his best to keep things at Toast new and exciting with daily specials such as strawberry crème French toast. As part of the experience, Toast is soon to offer a “build your own bloody mary” bar, where guests can customize their drinks with an array of toppings and beverages to explore. This testament to innovation has carried Toast from Broken Arrow to Tulsa and continues to leave patrons happy.
Within the next month, Toast expects to be operational on service platforms like GrubHub and DoorDash and is also a convenient 4-minute walk from campus. McKinney wants to capitalize on the Grubhub partnership offered to TU students.
In my experience at Toast, the restaurant delivered upon its dedication to a home-grown experience. Upon entering, I was promptly greeted by the hostess and able to sit wherever I pleased. After finishing the interview with McKinney, I elected to try the Toast burger from the lunch menu and embark upon some cheesy goodness. The towering burger was accompanied by thick-cut truffle fries that warmed the soul. I could feel the freshness of the meal as it promptly disappeared into my stomach. Toast had exceeded my expectations in every way, leaving me with a lingering sense of contentment.
So, whether you are craving a classic brunch dish with a twist or looking to indulge in a customizable cocktail creation, Toast invites you to savor the moment and try something new and off-the-cuff of your regular stuff.

Post Author: Adam Porterie