Top 10 budget items TU has cut

1. Christmas lights. This is the big one. One of the University’s largest expenses each year are the few strings of blue lights that decorate the area around McFarlin Library. Each of the light strips costs $9.99 each, which was slightly outside TU’s price range.

2. Snow days. TU made the tough decision to reschedule the ice storm from Friday to Saturday last week, so they were not forced to declare a snow day.

3. Landscaping. Walking around campus, you may have noticed longer grass and unkempt landscapes. This is another result of campus cutbacks. Every blade of grass is now trimmed only once per day.

4. Vending machines that accept dining dollars. Out of all the budget cuts, this one has hit me hardest. It seems every time a vending machine is replaced or upgraded on campus, the replacement does not take my fake Presidential Scholar money. If this trend continues, I may be forced to confront a reality where I must pay to receive food.

5. Basic Human Decency. Honestly, cutting this was a no-brainer for the school. Who needs pension plans or benefits anyway?

6. Collegian top 10 lists.

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