Top 10 sexy costumes

Sexy Halloween costumes are a decades old tradition on college campuses. Every year, frat parties are flooded with sexy maids, sexy nurses, and catwomen. This Halloween, why not break away from the pack and do something risky? After all, quirky is the new sexy.

10. Ivanka Trump
Screams “daddy issues” louder than every other costume in the room.

9. Alexander Hamilton
The best way to let everyone know you’re “young, scrappy and hungry.”

8. Bacon
Because who doesn’t love bacon? Bonus points for dedication if you wear bacon grease to get the smell.
5. Chinese takeout
It’s what’s for dinner.

7. Rooster
Shows that you love them so much you decided to be one.

6. House
This little number will have all the boys wanting to move in.

4. Big Bird
Gives new meaning to the term “street walker”

3. Wednesday Addams
Attracts that edgy kind of guy who likes goths…. And children.

2. Olaf from Frozen
Think of all the possible references. “Hey, do me a favor and grab my butt!” “Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled.”

1. Naked person
Get people’s attention without an indecent exposure charge. Bonus: ask that any pics taken of you be sent to you, and use them when guys you don’t like ask for nudes.

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