Top 5 couples costumes, according to exes

Couples costume: they’re sometimes cute, sometimes embarrassing and sometimes a bit of a bummer if you just broke up. If you’re not single, you might be looking for a couples costume for yourself. Here are the five best couples costumes we found by surveying people who had recently had a break up.

5. Vladimir Putin and a horse: This costume features a two-piece horse costume with legs dangling off the sides. The front person is the horse’s head, and the back one is Putin. It was suggested by Joann James, who broke up with her girlfriend because “She wanted me to be the horse head. I practiced for hours to be Putin! Oh, and I guess because we never went on dates and both liked other people but the Putin thing was like, reason number one!”

4. Romeo and Juliet: This costume reminds everyone of that classic love story, and ensures your relationship will last forever, or until one of you moves away. Marcus Crenshaw suggested this, saying “I was dedicated to this one, ok Maria?! If you’re reading this, I want you to know I’m already doing great! I’m not too dedicated to acting to make a relationship work, I’m not ignoring the underlying themes! They’re meant to be!

3. Spock and Kirk: A classic among nerds, this costume came from Simon Smith, who complained that, “I broke up with my boyfriend last week but then earlier today I thought that I should be Spock for Halloween, but then I remembered that I had no one to be Kirk. If I had thought about it earlier I would have waited till November 1st.”

2. Han and Leia (but in the new movies, where they’re old): This cute costume idea is perfect for couples who can imagine growing old together. It came from Charlie King, who said, “Yeah, we broke up like two weeks ago, but I think I’m going to ask if we can pretend to get together to do the costume. Going alone would just make me third act Leia and that’s too sad.”

1. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich: This is a cute, harmless costume that’s sure to show you’ll stick together. Sadly, Erinn Aaron broke up with her boyfriend. She told us, “Yeah, I suggested that, but he insisted we be Raggedy Ann and Andy because he liked them growing up. They’re brother and sister.”

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