Top four tips and tricks for Halloween costumes

There is nothing scarier than spending $100 at Spirit Halloween.
Halloween is next week and it is time to scramble for that perfect costume. From shopping for every piece to building your costume from scratch, this spooky holiday gives everyone the chance to tap into their creative side. As college students, it is safe to say we are trying to save our money while still having a good time. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you have a fun Halloween that will not empty your pockets on a costume you will be lucky to wear twice.

Have a few ideas in mind
Just like when you are getting ready for a party or an important meeting, it is always a good idea to have a couple outfits in mind. It is very common that the first option simply does not look as good as you thought or does not work out in the end. Before you start shopping for your costume, keep one or two backup ideas in mind. These ideas can be very similar and require the same color scheme or they can be completely opposite ideas. This will help you know exactly what you are looking for in stores or online and prepare you to switch it up if needed. This also stops you from panicking and buying multiple items you think will make a last minute costume that you will end up hating.

Double check your closet
Using clothes you already own as parts of your costume will save you time and money this Halloween. It can be as simple as saving a few dollars on a pair of leggings because you had the perfect pair stuffed in the back of your drawers. It is always helpful to look at your own clothes more than once when working on your costume. The first time as a brainstorming activity, look through your clothes and see what you already have before you go shopping. This can help you decide on a specific costume if you already have most of the pieces. The second time you look through our closet, you will have that costume in mind and will know exactly what colors or articles of clothing you need. This way, you will see that shirt you grazed over the first time will actually work for your costume perfectly.

Go thrift shopping
There is no need to spend a large amount of money at big name brand stores for your costume. Thrift shops like Goodwill, The Salvation Army Family Store and other second hand stores sell so many clothes from hundreds of different brands at affordable rates. Thrift shops can also be filled with unique clothes that can no longer be found in popular stores. These unique pieces of clothing can help you stand out this Halloween especially if you know multiple people have the same costume idea.

Do not be afraid of DIY

Halloween is all about dressing up and having fun, so what better way than wearing a costume no one else can? Although making your costume can sound time consuming and expensive, it truly is not. You do not have to hand make your entire costume, but sometimes adding a little customization can enhance your costume to a whole new level. This can be something as simple as cutting up an old shirt and finding a new use for old pieces. If you are really into the idea, you can go as far as sewing old clothes together to create the perfect patterns for your costume or even painting a pair of old jeans. Another way to customize your costume is by gluing some gems to your clothes to help you shine. You do not have to be the next top fashion designer to be able to do this and do not need to spend a massive amount of money. You can find gems at Dollar Tree or paints at Walmart for an affordable price.

Post Author: Isabella Herrera