American people say, "Thank you, Trump. VERY COOL." graphic by Conner Maggio

Trump eliminates term limits, has nothing to do with Cohen.

Despite baseless accusations of ulterior motives, Trump takes democracy to greater heights than ever before.

In shocking news from this week, President Trump has announced that in a bipartisan effort, Congress has passed an amendment to the Constitution. This new twenty-eighth amendment annuls the 22nd Amendment, essentially eliminating the two term presidential term limit set in 1951.

“I look around the world and I see democracy in danger,” said Trump in a press conference. “Even in this beautiful country! If a hardworking American wants their president to stay, how undemocratic is it that a lousy amendment says he can only be president twice?” He added, “Look at Roosevelt! Great guy. Got us through an awful awful war. Everyone loved him and got to elect him back to the presidency as much as they wanted! So that’s what we’ve done here. Really making America great again.”

Despite this perfectly reasonable explanation, the public outcry was immediate. Trump quickly took to Twitter to respond.

“This wonderful amendment has NOTHING to do with the LIES of my terrible ex-lawyer Cohen. He just made up bad things about me to get a plea deal.” he tweeted shortly after the press conference ended.

Trump is referring to his former lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty to charges of campaign finance violations and fraud, including illegal campaign contributions made to then-presidential candidate Trump in 2016. As part of his plea deal, Cohen indicated that Trump had ordered him to break the law to influence the election, making payments to individuals to keep them from disclosing damaging information about Trump to the public.

How a breakthrough in American democracy and a most likely falsified plea deal are related is unclear, but many conspiracy theorists have been quick to draw connections between the two. Even the fake news media has latched onto the baseless theories.

“You see, as it stands in Justice Department policy, a sitting president cannot be indicted,”. NPR reported during a broadcast last week. “He can only face criminal charges against him once he is removed from office, whether that be by impeachment or when he has served out his term.” “This is to avoid distracting the president from his presidential duties.”

So, they go on to report, the theory is that Trump has somehow pushed and bullied this amendment through Congress to allow him to remain president indefinitely, as to avoid ever facing charges against him.

These claims are ridiculous. Assuming that the Justice Department will even decide to press charges against Trump, which won’t ever happen with the — at best — shaky evidence against the president, why would Trump ever use his office for personal gain?

Just take this news for what it is: lies perpetrated by Leftists who still cannot deal with the fact that they lost in 2016 and only want to smear Trump’s shining legacy.

Post Author: Sara Serrano