TU campus is full of pride

The annual TU Pride Week is upon us, take a look at the events going on this week.
This week on campus, the annual Pride Week will be taking place. Previously organized and hosted by the Student Government Association, Pride Week is full of events that allows the student body to celebrate our LGBTQ+ community. Although Pride Month is celebrated in June, TU gives the students the opportunity to celebrate together when we are all back on campus. This year, the newly formed Student Activities Board has organized and will be hosting three events throughout Pride Week that will be free for all students to enjoy. All three events will contain different activities from watching a movie and tie dye, to walking in the Pride Parade, to the very popular event everyone looks forward to: HallowQueens.

Pride Week will start off with its first event on Monday, Oct. 23 which is Movie Night. This event will take place on Dietler Commons, also known as The Old U at 7 p.m. Just in front of McFarlin Library, students are invited to grab free food from Buffalo Wild Wings and watch a fun movie with friends. Movies may not be for everyone, so SAB will also have tie dye crafts during the event to let students tap into their creative side. Tie dye is a very popular idea during Pride Week and makes its appearance every year during one of the events. It is always fun for students to make a one of a kind shirt with their favorite colors and unique designs. Although the movie has not been announced yet, it will likely have themes supporting the LGBTQ+ community and is a great way to start off Pride Week.

The annual Pride Parade will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 25. Although this year, SAB is changing it up. Last year, the Pride Parade took place on Dietler Commons. Students came dressed in bright colors, holding signs ready to show off their pride.The parade circled the Old U and finished where it started with free snow cones for students. At the end of the night, colored powder was brought out for the students to have a mini color war that left many students covered head to toe in bright colors with big smiles on their faces. This year, instead of just circling the Old U, the parade will start off at McFarlin Library at 5 p.m. and will walk around a greater portion of campus ending with a party at a different location. This parade is a big part of Pride Week, so changing it up and expanding that route is definitely exciting for campus. Free food and pride flags will be available for students and the after party will run until 8 p.m.

The last event of Pride Week is definitely a favorite for students. On Saturday, Oct. 28, HallowQueens will take place upstairs in the Student Union in Great Hall C. HallowQueens is a drag show that students enjoy every year filled with fun activities and drag queens. At 7 p.m. students will be able to check in for free with their student IDs, grab free snacks and enter the raffle before the show. This year during HallowQueens, a student Lip Sync Battle will take place. For students who plan to participate, the performance song is “Pure Honey” by Beyonce, so start practicing. There is no dress code, but it is always fun to see what amazing outfits students put together to show off their pride.

Post Author: Isabella Herrera