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TU continues to mitigate COVID-19 cases

The University of Tulsa lists on their website that there are currently nine active cases of COVID-19, eight of which are students and one a staff member. There are 17 students in quarantine, which the university explains is enforced for students that have not tested positive and do not have symptoms, but have come in contact with someone who has tested positive. It is reported that there are 18 students in isolation, which the university defines as students that have tested positive, or have symptoms and are awaiting test results. The current TU COVID-19 positivity rate is 1.5 percent.

The biggest spike in TU COVID-19 cases was during the week of Sept. 13, with 21 students testing positive. The following week, the numbers went down to 10, and the week after that it was four. Cases seem to be on the rise again, the week of Oct. 5 cases spiked to 12 students and one staff member. With cases rising on a national level it is not surprising that cases are going back up on campus, but that does not mean we should normalize it. If guidelines are not continued to be followed it is hard to say that next semester will look any different from this one.

As of Oct. 22, there are 287 cases on campus at The University of Oklahoma; however, their COVID-19 dashboard is much less accessible and digestible than The University of Tulsa’s. They do not provide specific numbers per week, so it is hard to compare where they are at now to what their cases were weeks ago. Oklahoma State University has had 60 positive cases this week, 48 which are students and 12 employees. There are a total of 145 active cases. It appears as if Oklahoma State University is also experiencing a slight increase in cases as this third wave approaches. All of these schools are conducting their own testing, but are also relying on self reporting if individuals receive positive tests from outside their universities.
Between Oct. 12-18, the University of Tulsa conducted 540 COVID-19 tests. It appears as if the University of Oklahoma is testing about 50 people a day, which would equal about 300 tests during Oct. 12-18. Between Oct. 15-21, Oklahoma State University reports that they have given 617 tests.

The University of Tulsa sent out a questionnaire regarding what the students would want to do regarding spring break, students picked to have spring break be at the end of the spring semester. This allows for students to make plans without putting the student population in danger when returning back from any trips. I don’t see restrictions lessening anytime soon, in person events were just restricted from 30 maximum to 10, so your favorite clubs might not get to meet in person for a while. Classes for next semester seem to be set up the same as they were this semester, so get excited for Collaborate and Zoom classes alongside small in-person classes.

Post Author: Maggy Crawford