TU opts out of EMSAcare program

A few days before the start of the semester, residents of TU’s apartments received an email announcing that the university has opted out of Oklahoma’s EMSAcare program.

EMSAcare is a state-wide program wherein an addition of $5.45 is charged to the city’s monthly utility bill to make any EMSA services free to the user. All residents who pay monthly utilities are enrolled in the program, and the monthly payment waives the $1,300 ambulance fee in the event that one is needed.

Though residents who pay monthly utilities are automatically enrolled in the program, the city of Tulsa allows property owners the choice to opt out of the program. In the event a “multi-family utilities customer” opts out of EMSAcare, the management is required to “obtain a signed acknowledgment form from every tenant” announcing that they have elected not to participate.

The email sent by TU housing assures residents that, in the event that EMSA services are necessary, “The University of Tulsa’s student health insurance (covers) 90 percent of the emergency transport costs once the deductible has been met.” For those who are covered by insurance other than that provided by the University, individuals are encouraged to “refer to (their) policy to see the correct coverage.” This covers cost for any location in Tulsa, not just your home address.

As is stated on EMSAcare’s webpage, “For individuals NOT enrolled through a city water/utility bill fee, such as individuals living in nursing homes, apartment complexes or rural areas, an EMSAcare membership may be purchased directly with EMSA.”

For residents of the TU apartments covered by a policy other than TU’s, housing provided a link in its email for residents who would like to sign up for EMSAcare. EMSAcare’s annual membership costs $45.

EMSAcare is not a program which covers any individual injured on a business’s property. In cases where an individual is injured on a business’s property, issues of compensation are left up to each party’s legal representation, regardless of either party’s enrollment in EMSAcare.

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