TU Ten: Just skip class

1. It’s too cold to walk around campus.

2. You got all the readings in your syllabus, so if you stick to those you can just show up on test days and you’ll be golden.

3. You haven’t seen your friends all break and you finally have a chance to catch up before schedules get too hectic.

4. You forgot your notebook in your room and it’ll take too long to go back and get it.

5. You have three absences allowed with no questions asked. You should just get them all out of the way now so you’ll have more motivation to go later in the semester.

6. You missed the date to add the class you wanted so you could drop this one, but if you dropped now you wouldn’t have enough hours. But do you really wanna be miserable all semester? Just skip.

7. You were late to the first day of class, so the professor probably has a bad impression of you to begin with. Just fuck it.

8. You’re really not feeling it today.

9. You’ve figured out the work schedule of a really cute guy at one of the coffee shops, and his hours conflict with your afternoon classes.

10. It’s really nice outside for January, and you should take advantage of that. You shouldn’t be cooped up inside some windowless dungeon in Kep or the musty classrooms of Chapman when the sky is this blue.

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