TU Ten: Things we’ll miss

1. Tulsa’s fabulous Art Deco skyline.

Whether the architectural wonder that is downtown Tulsa reminds you of the boom-and-bust oil days or something else entirely, it’s hard to sit on the McFarlin library steps and not fall in love with the view.

2. The cost of living.

Compared to the east or west coasts, Oklahoma is a hallmark of sanity when it comes to rents and food prices. Can’t really say the same thing about politics.

3. Blake Ewing.

Entrepreneur, city councilor and total badass, Blake Ewing is a down-to-earth local politician who’s been making waves since he was elected to Tulsa City Council in 2011. As a city councilor and as owner of such prestigious institutions as Joe Mama’s and the Phoenix, he works to attract young people to Tulsa. Well Mr. Ewing, we can’t stay, but we certainly like what we’re seeing.

4. The fight to make the Golden Driller anatomically

We must keep up the struggle until that golden day when the chiseled nipples of democracy keep constant vigil over midtown Tulsa.

5. Oral Roberts University.

We used to think of you as nothing more than “that eyesore in South Tulsa.” Then we found out about The Oracle, a campus newspaper that, despite constantly struggling for editorial control, has managed to put out some pretty incredible issues. Like the one where they brought in a John Lennon expert to investigate a letter Roberts claimed that Lennon sent him personally.

6. The sandstone motif.

I’m not gonna lie; the sandstone motif played a role in getting me to come here. The bright (but not tacky) glow of those sandstone buildings in the sun provided a certain charm that traditionally beautiful campuses like Vanderbilt’s lacked.

7. Collegiate readership program.

Kudos to SA for making the New York Times available to students every day of the work week.

8. TU’s totally fair and transparent disciplinary process:

It’s good to go to a school where you know that stupid things like your fiance’s facebook posts won’t get in the way of your studies.

9. That tree in front of Chapman Hall.

… Oh wait.

10. The view from the roof of Fisher West dorms on a Friday evening.

Just try it sometime.

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