TU’s Spectacular Seniors

Students were asked:
What is/are your major(s) and any minors/certificates you have?
What clubs/organizations are you involved with both inside and outside TU?
What are your plans after graduation?
What will you miss the most about TU?
What will you miss the least about TU?

Sarah Ringler

Major: Major in Accounting, Minor in Finance and a Certificate in Sports Administration

Clubs: Women’s Rowing Team, Reading Partners at Sequoyah Elementary School

Plans after graduation:
I will be working in a financial accounting role at ONEOK in Tulsa, OK.

Miss most about TU: I will miss living in such a large community of young people all in one place. I love living in an apartment with my friends in the apartments all around me. It’s never dull and there is always someone to hang out with and something fun to do. I also will miss being on the rowing team and competing for the University of Tulsa. Even though I am ready to be done with school for the time being, I also think I will even miss learning and taking different classes.

Miss least about TU: I will not miss my 5 a.m. practices on the rowing team followed by a day of class. I think my sleep schedule and coffee consumption will level to a normal amount. I also am very excited to not have homework or studying to do on the weekends. When I leave work I get to leave work.

Katy Riojas

I am majoring in mechanical engineering.

Clubs: I am president of Tau Beta Pi and was the captain of the TU women’s soccer team for two years. I am co-founder and past vice president of Make a Difference Engineering. I am also a member of STEM-UP, and throughout my time at TU, I have also been involved with ASME, SHPE, and SWE. Outside of TU, I volunteer each week at The Little Light House, a local preschool for children with disabilities, and have continued to do so for 3 years.

Plans after graduation:
After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school at Vanderbilt University to pursue a PhD in mechanical engineering focused on innovative medical device design.

Miss most about TU:
I will miss all of my fabulous professors and my friends!

Miss least about TU: I will least miss the crickets.

Austin Evans

Major: I am a chemistry and biochemistry major.

Clubs: I am president of American Chemical Society, Blue Thumb, and STEM^2. I am also in the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. I am in Mortar Board and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Societies. Also, I am part of the Oklahoma Governor’s Business Review Board. I am also part of a group which speaks to the US Legislature in D.C. on behalf of the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation. I am also a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Bavarian Boxing Association.

Plans after graduation: I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Northwestern, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, or Rice. I haven’t decided yet.

Miss most about TU:
I will certainly miss all of my extraordinary mentors and incredible friends that I have had over the past four years.

Miss least about TU:
I have my fingers crossed that the next place I go has reliable internet.

Tyler Carter

Major: Petroleum Engineering, B.S.

Clubs: Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), President, 2015; Presbyterian Leaders & Scholars (PLS), President 2014; UKirk Collegiate Ministry; First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa

Plans after graduation:
Begin work as a petroleum engineer with an emphasis in production & operations for Devon Energy Corporation (DVN) at the end of summer 2016

Miss most about TU: Community of students from different backgrounds, nationalities and mindsets challenging one another to be the best at whatever it is we are here at TU to do

Miss least about TU: Cramming for exams

Anshuman Singh

Major: Accounting and Finance

Clubs: Orientation Leader, New Student Programs and Services, Beta Alpha Psi – Accounting Organization, EPA – Water Conservation Project (HydroSense), Habitat for Humanity, Student Finance Association, Mortar Board, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma – Honor Societies, Indian Student Association

Plans after graduation: Starting full time at Ernst & Young in the Assurance Department

Miss most about TU: Being an Orientation Leader

Miss least about TU:
The Collegian (Just kidding, you guys are awesome!)

Jocelyn Sheffield

Major: I am a triple major studying Management Information Systems, International Business and Spanish

Clubs: My current TU-related involvement includes the TU Women’s Softball team, iTU, University Orientation leaders, and Reading Partners. I am also a Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar/Member.

Plans after graduation: I will graduate in December after studying in Barcelona this upcoming fall. I do not know definitively what I will do after that, but this summer I will be interning with Phillips 66 and hopefully getting a better understanding of where I hope to go next. My goal is to work for an international company, hopefully using Spanish in some way.

Miss most about TU:
Most of all, I will miss the people. I have developed close relationships with my professors, many members of TU’s staff have adopted me as their child, and I have made some pretty fantastic friends. These will be hard to leave behind.

Miss least about TU: I will not miss being confused for a basketball player…Although it is sometimes night to get credit for three pointers I haven’t made!

Whitney House

Major: I am a double major in Political Science and Women’s Studies.

Student Association President, Kappa Delta Sorority, National Association of Parliamentarians, Pi Sigma Alpha, Lantern Honor Society, and Scroll Honor Society.

Plans after graduation: In the fall, I will be attending The University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder, Colorado.

Miss most about TU: I will equally miss all of my friends and the beautiful campus.

Miss least about TU:
I definitely will not miss the long lines at Chick-fil-A.

Amanda Rightler

Major: Chemistry and Economics majors, Mathematics minor

Clubs: Alpha Phi Omega (co-ed service fraternity), Iota Sigma Pi (Honor Society for Women in Chemistry), Oklahoma Policy Institute Intern, Phi Eta Sigma, Reading Partners

Plans after graduation:
I am taking a year to travel and work, and then I plan to attend graduate school in environmental economics or chemistry.

Miss most about TU: The beautiful campus, great people, and excellent professor quotes

Miss least about TU: The caf, Kep, and the all-nighters

Bea Baker

Major: Anthropology; Minor: Sociology; Certificate: Visual Communications

Clubs: Chi Omega, RUF, Orientation Leader, Global Scholar

Plans after graduation:
I will leave at the end of May to teach English in Bangkok, Thailand at the Chitralada Palace School.

Miss most about TU: I have found a tight knit community at TU that I absolutely love. The people who I have met and done life with these past four years will be the hardest to leave behind. I know that the relationships I have built are ones that will last, but moving away though exciting is still tough.

Miss least about TU: I love so much about TU–seeing friends when walking to class, the learning environment, Springfest, football games, tailgating, midnight Tacos Don runs. The only thing I won’t miss is the stray cat that hangs around our apartment complex.

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