Twenty-One Plus: RumChaiTea


4 oz. hot chai tea
1 oz. spiced black rum
1 oz. cream liqueur
Optional: ½ oz. coffee liqueur

Add rum and liqueur(s) to freshly brewed chai tea and stir.
Serve hot, or pour over ice and serve chilled.

Drink this if: A cuppa hot tea is what you need to soothe your nerves before finals week. This cocktail is truly cozy and warming: it packs a surprising amount of punch provided by the rum but is mellowed by the cream liqueur (I used horchata to give an extra touch of cinnamon). If you like your chai lattes “dirty,” add a tad of coffee liqueur, or espresso if you’d prefer a dose of caffeine over alcohol. This is an ideal drink to sip on while curled up with a good book or movie — give yourself a study break and enjoy this calming libation this week.

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