Twenty-One Plus

True Blue Dew (times two)

3 oz. blue curaçao
2 oz. coconut rum
1 oz. triple sec
4 oz. unsweetened coconut cream
2 oz. simple syrup

Pour all ingredients into blender.
Fill to liquid level with ice.
Blend and serve with a straw.
(Note: this recipe makes two; share with a friend! I’d suggest you hit up the Lorton Village sand volleyball courts to bask and booze with this beachy drink, but that would be illegal.)

Drink this if:
Savoring the sweetness of summer before pumpkin spice season kicks in is your jam. The coconut and orange flavors complement each other well, resulting in a sweet, creamy drink with a citrusy zing. A variation on the piña colada, this cocktail is blended and blue, offering twice the fun! Make it for tailgates to showcase your TrueBlue spirit and support our athletes.

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