Unicorn Club underwhelms but has potential

This past Friday, a few friends and I ventured downtown to try out Tulsa’s newest dance club, The Unicorn Club. The club occupies the space where Electric Circus used to be and is connected to Enzo bar. The Unicorn Club is a unicorn themed dance club promising decadent drinks, a fantastical atmosphere and cotton candy.

My first reaction when walking into the club was that it was not nearly as pink as I expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong; there was a lot of pink. However, because of the dark lighting it just didn’t jump out at me as strongly as I expected. My second thought was that there were a lot more men there than I expected.

The club is split into three sections: a bar, a dance floor and a small corner with some chairs, couches and tables. Images of unicorns are featured on almost every available space, from behind the bar, to the straws, to a huge mural painted on the wall next to the dance floor. The DJ played a plethora of dance-mix versions of Top 40 hits, all of which blended into each other maybe a bit too seamlessly.

The drink menu is a combination of original drinks and new takes on classics, all of which have some aspect of shine, shimmer or glitter. I ordered something called Unicorn’s Blood, mainly because it was the only one I saw that had gin in it but partially for the purpose of sharing with a few friends. The Unicorn’s Blood is a gin and blackberry drink sprinkled with star flakes (that I assumed were edible) and served in a martini glass rimmed with sugar. I was surprised at how well balanced the drink was. The gin was able to come through the numerous other ingredients, although it didn’t feel like the centerpiece of the drink.

I will make one small, but I believe important, complaint about the Unicorn’s Blood and a few other drinks they serve in the fact that they come in martini glasses. The Unicorn Club is a dance club, not a sit-down bar. People want to move around and maybe even dance (gasp). It is extremely hard just to walk with a martini glass in hand without spilling, much less trying to do anything more intensive. There’s no reason my drink couldn’t have been served in a coup or some other more logically shaped glass.

I was quite impressed with the bartenders. They were clearly very talented, and extremely quick, especially considering the ungodly amount of ingredients that were in some of the drinks our group ordered.

Overall I’d describe my experience at the Unicorn Club as a bit underwhelming. However, I did see some potential.The staff is fantastic, the drinks were good but not great, and the atmosphere didn’t transport me to a fantastical world quite as effectively as I hoped. The club seems to be catering to what I would describe as the “cool mom” crowd. The bar was crowded but the dance floor wasn’t, which was unfortunate. I can see it being great for bachelorette or birthday parties. Basically if you can bring enough friends with you the club would be way more fun. I give my experience at the Unicorn Club a B-, but that could easily become an A- if there were more people there to dance.

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