University of Tulsa announces new strategic plan

On Jan. 29, the Board of Trustees approved a new strategic plan for TU. One of the main elements of the plan is to grow and strengthen the energy and cyber programs. The new strategic plan also includes an emphasis on the importance of a balanced education, including a commitment to encourage all students to “earn a combined major and minor in the liberal arts and professional studies.” It is also mentioned that TU will be launching a job guarantee program for incoming graduate students; this is unique to TU and not offered at many universities.

There will be an increase in the investments made for career services, diversity and inclusion. Another addition is that there will be more marketing efforts to meet enrollment goals. Faculty and staff were heavily involved in the decision making process and it was noted that they will continue to play a large role in the implementation.

The new strategic plan includes five areas of priority. The first is to be the best university in the region for life and career success. This goes along with combining liberal arts and other professional studies together to create a well-rounded and balanced education. The idea is that if students are receiving a well-rounded education, they will be more desirable and career-ready.

The second priority in the new strategic plan is to be the most student-centered university in the region. The plan describes TU as being an intimate and inclusive university, and TU prides itself in the support that is given to students throughout their college experience. Student-centered education is important, and the wellbeing of the students reflects in their performance.

Third, the strategic plan is centered around the energy and cyber programs offered by the University of Tulsa. The research that is being done on campus is highlighted as well as educational opportunities and offerings. TU has been known for the outstanding energy and cyber programs, and this section of the plan further highlights these programs.

The next priority is to remain a resilient and innovative institution. The strategic plan acknowledges that there is stiffer competition, fewer students and tighter budgets than ever but reaffirms that the university is dedicated to adopting the new priorities set in place in the strategic plan. TU wants to attract “top talent” students who are working towards “shared goals,” while having the financial aid and “operational strength to invest in excellence.”

The final priority that was included in the new strategic plan is titled, “Truly The University of Tulsa,” which essentially covers the idea that TU is “deeply embedded in Tulsa” and mentions how TU represents a very diverse and vibrant community. The fifth priority also mentions how the success of TU helps play a role in propelling Tulsa as a whole forward.

This new strategic plan outlines a clear path to where TU wants to be in the future and includes a road map for how the university plans to get there. Creating more valuable and well-rounded education, keeping students in the center of focus and continuing to be an industry-leading institution are all top priority in the new strategic plan.

Post Author: Maggy Crawford