Waka Flocka Flame at TU

Waka Flocka Flame welcomes
students back to campus with a
colorful concert.

Starting off the first week of school with
a bang with the Waka Flocka Flame concert.
Tuesday, August 22 at Thomas Plaza, Chap-
man Stadium @9 pm well-known rapper
Waka Flocka performed a free concert for
TU students and their invited guests. The
event held limited free food and compli-
mentary drinks along with a live DJ open-
ing. Students wore white T-shirts for the
glow paint, as it was thrown and shot into
the crowd with water soakers by faculty,
those on set, and of course by the rapper
Waka Flocka. Students definitely went hard
in the paint as they left the stadium dripping
wet in a variety of colors of paint. One stu-
dent even had a whole bucket of pink paint
dumped onto him by staff. Leaving every
patch of him covered in pink paint from
head to toe and shortly after whipping his
hair filled with paint onto those around the
The event opened up with a DJ playing
Sexy Redd, Bad Bunny, and many other
popular songs. At the event, Waka per-
formed some of his best songs such as “For
My Dawgs”, “No Hands”, and of course
“Hard in da Paint” along with many other
pumped-up songs. During his performance,
Waka threw paint at students standing in
the front. In the middle of the performance,
Waka walked off stage and joined TU stu-
dents on the ground where he turnt up with
them as the DJ played upbeat songs. Along
with taking videos and selfies with students
to remember such a memorable fun event.
Students made a circle around him where
they chanted “Waka Flocka” over and over
while jumping around like a mosh pit. Stu-
dents were filled with tons of energy that
Many students had fun except for the
paint getting into students mouths and eyes,
students recalled. Some students quoted
“TU should host more concerts like this
with a variety of genres of music rather than
just country because not everyone listens to
the country genre”. Overall many students
had tons of positive comments on the event.
One female student even stated, “I’m glad
TU hosted an event like this for it was my
first time ever meeting a major celebrity”.
Another student commented how she re-
membered listening to Waka in high school
all the time in her junior year and went on
to say how being at that event felt nostalgic
and fulfilled her younger teenage self.
As Waka Flocka wrapped up his perfor-
mance with some words of wisdom to TU
students. Waka Flocka stated, “You need a
team to win, you can’t get nowhere with-
out your team, without your partners, with-
out your family, without your friends” and
wished the football team a great season
along with a good semester. These words
of wisdom allowed students to reflect on
being here at TU for it wouldn’t have been
here without such great support from fam-
ily, friends, teachers, and great mentors who
helped them reach their goals as a student.

Post Author: Avril Comacho