Wallows frontman Dylan Minette starred in the Netflix original show “13 Reasons Why.” photo by Nanee Henry

Wallows and Remo Drive bring energy to Cain’s Ballroom

Indie rock band with Netflix star frontman performs in Tulsa on last leg of their first full-length tour.

High energy, fun atmosphere, killer guitar riffs: three key ingredients to a fantastic concert, and Wallows had them all. On Thursday, Sept. 12, Wallows, an up-and-coming indie/alternative rock band from California, performed for the first time in Tulsa at the historic Cain’s Ballroom downtown. This was the last stop on their first full-length tour, “Nothing Happens.” Both the crowd of fans and the band themselves were vibrant and awake for each and every song, jumping and dancing during each chorus, bridge and all the light-hearted lines in between. Wallows opened their set with “Do Not Wait,” stressing the lyrics “nothing happens” to highlight this tour. The set list included hits such as “Scrawny,” “Are You Bored Yet?” and older songs like “Pictures of Girls.”

Of course, the crowd cheered loudly after the set was over, demanding an encore. Braeden Lemasters, the lead guitarist, responded and performed an entertaining individual version of “1980’s Horror Film.” The night ended with “Pleaser,” the band’s first song to ever be released and one of their most popular still.

To kick off the night, opening band Remo Drive brought all of the headbang-worthy songs you could ever dream of. This boy band from Minnesota had a lively energy that was perfect for the opening of Wallows. After the concert, I asked the lead singer of Remo Drive, Erik Paulson, what he would remember about Tulsa the most. He told me that he had been to Chimera Cafe three times that day, impressively, for all three meals. He also mentioned how incredible it was to be playing at such a historic place, Cain’s Ballroom, where Queens of the Stone Age had once played as well.

You might not have a clue who Wallows are, but odds are, you probably know one of the frontmen, Dylan Minette. This Netflix star’s rise to fame through the hit series “13 Reasons Why” has made him ever-popular in the media, especially with teens. Wallows released their first single, “Pleaser,” in April 2017, and only this year released their first LP. Already soaring around the world with success, Wallows have proven that they are more than a famous actor’s side band. The band is made up of three guys in their mid-twenties, with Minette and Lemasters on guitar and vocals, respectively, and Cole Preston, drummer and backup vocalist.

Earlier this year, Wallows were on their way to Tulsa for a concert at the Vanguard when there was an unexpected explosion on their tour bus. They unfortunately had to cancel, but promised to return to put on a good show. Not only did they accomplish that feat, they also nearly sold out a much bigger, more expensive venue only a few months later. Their stop in Tulsa was the last on this leg of the tour, but as Dylan reassured fans, they would be touring again next year and plan to come back to Tulsa. So, a word to the wise, if you love indie/alternative rock and want to go to a killer concert next year, you may want to give Wallows a listen.

Post Author: Skylar Fuser