West Park Bomb Threat

In the early morning hours on Thursday, August 18th, the West Park apartments were subject to a bomb threat. The standoff lasted for about an hour before the suspect, Nicholas Cardonia, 33, was arrested. He was not a resident of the apartments or TU-affiliated.

Tulsa police officers were called to the scene at 5:40 a.m. to reports of a man standing on a Dumpster threatening to set off a bomb. Cardonia claimed to have an electromagnetic bomb. After determining that he did not have a bomb in his possession, officers used pepper balls and Taser to arrest the suspect. No explosives were found on the scene.

Less than a week prior, Cardonia had been released from jail for throwing flower pots at an officer from an apartment near Kilkenney’s Irish Pub. Currently, he is being held on bond.

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