What upperclassmen are really saying (a guide to slang on campus)

Freshmen year can be confusing, as a former freshmen to another. One thing that all freshmen struggle with is picking up the hot lingo on campus that the cooler upperclassmen have created. Don’t worry freshmen, I have your back with this (sometimes surprising) list of slang upperclassmen use.
Allen Chapman Student Union: ACDC, the food is a highway to the freshman fifteen hell.
Dietler Commons/ Old U: DC, not for the abbreviations but for where Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman hang out.
Doctor Clancy Gerard: Doctor Who. As the newest incarnation, his companion is Goldie, and his TARDIS is the goldie mobile.
Fisher North: Party Central. Sorry freshies, only upperclassmen get in. I’ve said too much already.
Football team: The Money Drain™
Goldie: bad girl. Okay, I can not even joke about this, she’s a sweetheart, she even has her own adorable instagram page. Give her all the pets.
Hurricane Fountain: Shower
Hardesty: Motel Hall. Least liked dorm on campus, it needs lots of upgrades and its tiny rooms resemble a shabby motel. Don’t even try to live here, leave it for the upperclassmen.
Kendall Hall: The Square. It’s such a beautiful symmetric cube shaped building, hard to miss. Also because of the nerds that practically live in this building.
Keplinger: The PWDGD (Place Where Dreams Go To Die)
Lafortune: Litfortune, where it is “lit” 24/7. Not literally, of course. Candles aren’t allowed. Fire hazard
Lottie Jane Mabee: No Man’s Land.
McFarlin Library: MacDaddy. It’s like when my father read bedtime stories to me. Well, if I had a dad.
New U: By default, Marvel. I’ve walked in the middle of an argument between Iron Man and Captain America before, it’s a dangerous time. Be careful not to run into the Hulk, he blends in with our beautiful green grass.
Presidential Scholar: Sugar daddies. They have infinite dining dollars, date them for the perks.
Resident Assistants: Mommy. They make you clean your room AND be safe? Must be my mother. Ask them to read you bedtime stories.
University of Tulsa: UT. Only narcs call it TU.
Yellow Bikes: Nerdmobiles. Have you seen our ACT scores?

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