What’s next for TU’s campus?

Projects on campus predicted to slow down.
As the new Starbucks is nearing its completion, there are a lot of questions about what sort of new projects are on the horizon for TU. Between the spring 2023 semester and now, the Student Union has received drastic changes. The Tulsa Burger and Wings dining location changed into the Category 5 dining facility. Category 5 manages the Mr. Beast Burger and Pardon My Cheesesteak ghost kitchens, both services that used to only be offered past 5 p.m. in the Pat Case Dining Center. The Starship delivery service also made its debut last year, delivering food from most of the university’s dining locations to almost anywhere on campus.

The changes in the Student Union extend beyond dining options, too. The elevator has been improved and the upstairs lounge area has been repurposed into a new computer lab. This would normally be seen as an improvement, but the previous McFarlin Library computer lab has been all but deconstructed in order to install the new Starbucks. Since this project was more of an exchange rather than an increase in the number of computer labs, the Student Union computer lab was more of a general change than a clearly defined improvement. Now there are fewer computers in the Student Union than there were in the library.

Finally, the last obvious improvement is the new Chick-fil-A that opened recently. Upgraded from the previous Chick-fil-A, the new location now serves food for most of the day and has a larger selection to choose from. Alongside Starbucks, these two locations are the biggest projects on campus.

Post Author: Matthew Montanio