Where is all this bigotry coming from?

Prejudice died decades ago, yet here we are, in the midst of a Racism Renaissance.

Since everyone knows that racism totally ended when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched on Washington in 1963,
modern Americans are baffled as to where all this current racism is coming from.

Just look at the country. Mexicans are apparently so dangerous that the government needs to shut down to make sure the right decision is made about their fate. Blackface has raised its ugly head on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. Asians get rejected from colleges at an alarming rate compared to white students.

If racism was vanquished in the early ’60s, how could all this be? There are a few sources. First comes the most recent: the Internet Monster.

At some point in the mid-’90s, a conglomeration of negative chatroom messages started to exponentially grow in the interweb tubes like that giant ball of fat that collected in London sewers in 2017.

At first, it simply corrupted small pieces of the internet such as tiny websites made by people who live alone.

But about a decade ago, the Cyber Snake grew so large it gained sentience, going on to aggressively take over areas of the internet such as 4chan and Reddit.

There is no news yet on how big it is or how it will be dealt with.

But that is not all.

Going further back in history, a source of evil that has been quietly gaining power since racism’s 1963 defeat can be found within the fires of Mount Racism.

Here is how it works. One person says something racist to someone else. When the accosted person becomes indignant, everyone and their brother gets on Facebook to defend the two people they have never met.

Then both sides form protests until the two massive protest armies converge in a cataclysmic impact. The resulting aftermath is a massive pile of protestors, policemen and flipped cars that has so much teargas smoldering off it that it looks like a volcano.

Once one of these forms, a Mount Racism can stick around for weeks, inciting general ill-will and bigotry across the city it inhabits.

At least humanity can be happy they properly handled two people’s interaction that happened to be caught on film.

Last, it is necessary to go all the way back to the beginning of time to find the source of racism in the United States. The most source of racism in this post-racism country is that it never actually died.

Crazy as it sounds, perhaps this one may be true. After racism’s defeat in the ’60s, a piece of the monster clung on to dear life. Defeated by a young hero, the Dark Ideology attached itself to its most faithful follower and fled to the backwoods to live off of unicorn blood to stay alive.

As the rest of racism’s followers dispersed and were put on trial, racism has been quietly gathering energy to rise again as a max-difficulty final dungeon boss that can only be defeated by level 20 Acceptance Wizards, Justice Paladins and other adventurers willing to take on the monster.

Post Author: Brennen Gray