Who will be your next SA President?

Patrick Culp

Patrick Culp is a junior who currently serves as a senator for an at-large seat. As a senator, he has a position on the Financial Allocations Committee (FAC). He’s been involved with SA since his freshman year, but his first two years were spent in Cabinet rather than in Senate. He was an Associate Director of Community Service.

During his sophomore year, he was Executive Director of Community Service, a position that put him directly in charge of Service Day.

He said he believes working in both Cabinet and Senate helps him to prepare for potentially being president. He thinks knowing through direct experience how both operate will help him increase the communication between the two groups.

While he believes his experience in SA is his primary qualification, he also said that he’s served as the philanthropy chairman for Pi Kappa Alpha.

He said that gave him experience in getting people to show up for something they might not necessarily want to do.

This is Culp’s second time running for an executive office. He had run for Treasurer last year, but ended his campaign before the election because of a car accident.

He said his proudest accomplishment for SA was Service Day last year. Freezing rain caused a lot of sites to cancel on SA, so Culp said he basically had to reorganize it from scratch.

That involved finding new locations and assigning people to them. It also involved rescheduling the catering plans. Still, he was able to make sure that Service Day happened just two weeks later.

Culp also explained several of the changes he’d like to see in SA. Some of them have to do with Springfest. One is to stop Springfest plans from being kept secret for as long as they are.

He’d also like to see more outreach for it. He said he’d like to see advertising to the high schools in Tulsa’s suburbs in order to help recruit potential new students. He’d also like to increase advertising in Norman, Stillwater and Claremore in order to boost attendance.

Increased outreach would also apply to TU itself. He said that several of his friends very recently were still not aware of who the Springfest artist is.

He wants to make communication from SA more prominent overall as well. While SA has a bulletin board on the second floor of ACAC, he doesn’t think many students pay particularly close attention to it.
He thinks one solution might be to have an SA-event-only bulletin board near Benvenuto’s and Tossed.

Another thing Culp discussed was to make TU more green. He hopes to get every apartment a blue recycling bin so that more apartment residents recycle.

Unlike the dorms, apartments have to provide their own disposal bins, so some students only get a trash can and don’t separate waste for recycling.

Another consideration would be to have a “souvenir cup” that could be refilled in ACAC. This would potentially reduce waste associated with the disposable cups restaurants offer now.

Haley Anderson

Haley Anderson is a junior who is currently the Executive director for Springfest, and has been an officer of Student Association since the beginning of her freshman year. Previously, Anderson served as the Associate Director for Homecoming her sophomore year, and the Associate Director of Springfest her freshman year. Anderson states that her time planning events like Springfest and Homecoming provided a lot of difficult and intensive work that taught her “the more you give to something, the more you will get out of it,” which is why she feels prepared to do her best to continue making positive impacts at TU.

Some of Anderson’s proudest accomplishments throughout her time on SA have been executing events that gave students memorable experiences at the University of Tulsa.

“When students look back on their time at TU, I hope that they remember the time that they saw a piano come crashing through the sky onto the New U, or when they flew across Tucker Drive on a zipline. I hope they remember making a 3rd grader’s day when greeting them at Kendall Whittier,” Anderson stated. “T-Shirts will fade, prizes will be forgotten, but the memories of your time here will be what remain at the end.”

Outside of SA, Anderson has served on the Executive Committee for University Ambassadors as the Special Events Chair, and she is an Orientation Leader. Anderson has also been an officer of a Greek Organization, and has recently chartered a new campus organization, the Tulsa Quidditch Club.

Anderson stated that she wants to do everything within her power to provide students with the best TU experience they could ask for. She also wants to ensure that the student voice is actively incorporated into SA operations, and relayed to the University Administration.

One of Anderson’s main goals is to expand upon the initiative that was started with SA’s internal committee, which she plans to accomplish by instituting a Student Activities board. This Student Activities Board would meet once every month for a free lunch and conversation with SA Officers. These meetings will be directed toward leaders and representative from various campus organizations, or any other interested students.

“The purpose of this initiative is to have an open discussion with all students regarding campus operations,” Anderson explained.

Anderson is running for this position as part of a ticket nicknamed “The Golden Ticket” that consists of herself for President, Whitney Cipolla for Vice-President, Chase Cocking for Treasurer, and Kaitlyn McKee for Secretary.

Anderson said she and her running mates, “have very congruent ideas and a solid vision for the future of SA. I think that working together so early on has allowed us to develop a cohesive group bond, which is crucial for an effective executive team.”

Anderson wants to assure every voter that she will do everything within her power to give them the experience that they deserve. She says that she values their opinions, needs, and desires, and she will give them every opportunity to have their voice heard.

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