xDET comes to TU, shares ideas not worth sharing

The State-Run Media is pleased to give a warm welcome to the first xDET event on campus. Founded on the principle of “Ideas not worth spreading,” xDET’s goal is to gather all of the stupid, pointless and utterly useless ideas on campus into one large event. Founded by a pair of students who seemingly had nothing better to do with their lives, it is a welcome addition to the TU campus. “We can’t wait to deluge the campus with our bad ideas,” said one of the organizers. “We even have plans for some aggressive advertising campaigns, such as shouting at students until they feel compelled to go to our event. We’ve even considering blocking all the doors to the Student Union one day at lunch so everyone will know we exist.”

The format of the event entirely consists of students, faculty and community members presenting their bad ideas on stage. “Each talk brings something unique, and since we’re locking the doors once the event starts, we’re convinced everyone will stay and hear all of our ideas,” the organizer excitedly told a State-Run reporter. In an exclusive preview for the State-Run Media and everyone else within earshot, the organizer gave us some of the titles for the upcoming event. The talks being presented include “The One Weird Trick Doctors Don’t Want You to Know,” “The One Question to Ask Before Getting Drunk Every Night,” and “10 Horrible App Ideas You’re Going to Have to Sit and Listen To.” In addition to the talks, this xDET event will also feature unique performances, including “Our Garageband Will be Rock Stars Soon” and “Wonderwall on Acoustic Guitar.”

xDET is part of the larger, global DET organization, which hosts a conference every year to present the worst ideas found throughout the world in the past year. TU’s xDET chapter hopes to inspire members of the audience to develop their own horrible ideas and eventually share them with the world. After all, any problem can be solved with a 12 minute talk by someone you’ve never heard of before.

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