photo by Adam Walsh Between Hardesty and Keplinger halls, the Allen Chapment Student Union, otherwise known as ACSU, houses a variety of restaurants and a convenience store to keep students reasonably well-fed.

Yelp reviewing Allen Chapman Student Union

Writer Shelby Hiens provides candid reviews of every eatery inside the Allen Chapman Student Union.

The Student Union is the hot spot for TU students to eat and study together. What makes the union great is there is something for everyone to enjoy as we break from class and socialize with our friends. The staff are all hardworking and pleasant, and the food is at the very least tolerable anywhere you go.

Pat Case in the Union
With Pat Case, it’s always hit or miss. The breakfasts are marginally better than the lunches or dinners they offer. For either meal, it’s always a good idea to show up within the first half-hour while the food is still hot. If you’re unlucky enough to show up right before closing, expect cool food and no dessert. They offer a limited selection of fruits, veggies, proteins and sides in the buffet style lineup. If you can name at least half the food in the trays, you came on a good day. Unless, of course, you’re vegetarian or vegan and you can’t eat most of the options presented anyway. If you’re still trying to figure out where the menu is posted, check out Bite by Sodexo – Universities in the app store. The best features of Pat Case are the lovely staff, the late hours and the self-serve dessert station where you can basically grab as many cakes as you want. Rate: 2/5

SOL Tex-Mex
SOL Tex-Mex offers a limited taste of Mexican cuisine such as tacos, burritos, burrito bowls and nachos. If you’re in the mood for comfort food, get the nachos. You can’t go wrong with the steak or chicken. The pork is soggy and the ground beef has an odd taste. There’s a veggie base for my vegetarian and vegan friends and when I’m watching out for carbs, the salad bowl is my go-to, followed up by the tacos when I’ve had a particularly gruelling day in Kep. There’s plenty of toppings to keep things interesting, but don’t expect to get everything you want if you’re going towards the end of the day. Rate: 3/5

Benvenuto Cuccina Italiana
The pasta is delicious and with the meal trade you certainly get a bang for your buck. It’s always hot and fresh since it’s literally being cooked in front of you. I always go with the sun dried tomato sauce with pesto and enough pepper to make my eyes water. For those with dietary restrictions, they offer gluten free and wheat penne in addition to the regular. Rate: 5/5

Tulsa Burgers & Wings Co.
This new addition to the Student Union has not gone unnoticed. My typical choice is the cheeseburger, which is cooked to perfection most of the time. The fries range from mediocre to exceptional depending on the day and who’s cooking them. When the fries are dark and crisp, that’s my cue to get in line. The chicken wings come in several different flavors, with cauliflower substitutes for those who prefer it. Unfortunately they package all the toppings together in one container, which is quite a waste for someone like me who only likes pickles and lettuce. I always dispose of the tomato and onions and contending with soggy lettuce from all the tomato juice is particularly annoying. However, all may be forgiven with the new shakes and smoothies blending bar. Rate: 5/5

Chick-Fil-A is timeless, but the location in the Student Union falls below average. The menu is extremely limited and while the items they do offer are good, they can get old very quickly, Not to mention that fries are the only vegan/vegetarian option. The staff works hard, but no matter how hard they try, the line is never ending and frequently gets backed up for several minutes at a time. There is nothing new or exceptional, but at least it’s consistent. Rate: 3/5

Einstein Bros. Bagels
Every morning I see tons of baggy-eyed, sleep deprived students lining up to get their fill of bagels and caffeine. The staff works efficiently to take care of every one of us. As it turns out, bagels and Caribou Coolers are the perfect way to start off your fun-filled day of midterms. There are plenty of tasty pastries to pick from and quite a few overpriced breakfast sandwiches and wraps available. Don’t waste your time on the pizza bagel or the hot chocolate. Rate: 5/5

While my two subs of choice are the steak and cheese and spicy italian, I’ve found that Subway often runs out of meatballs early in the evening and the chicken is never cooked properly, even when toasted. Otherwise, the other selections for protein and topping look and taste great. The newly introduced Baja Steak & Jack sub hit the mark, and it’s nice to see something new added to the menu. The staff works hard, but always check your receipt. Sleep deprived staff accidentally charged me $79 for a foot long. Rate: 4/5

Sushi Blu
The sushi here is consistently excellent. There are quite a few different selections to choose from, however, not as many qualify for the meal trade as last semester which is disappointing. Only three types that I’ve seen fall on or below the $8.99 benchmark, meaning students like me trying to use up all their meal swipes for the week will be sorely disappointed with such limited options. Rate: 4/5

Tossed is one of the best places to eat in the Student Union. It balances health and taste with a great selection of toppings, dressings and lettuce to customize your salad or wrap with. With a meal trade, you get a full take out container of salad with up to five toppings. You can also buy the soup of the day, which you can’t find anywhere else in the Union. Personally, I can’t get enough of the baby spinach. Rate: 5/5

Dining on campus is generally an enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend Tossed, Tulsa Burgers & Wings Co. and Einstein Bros. Bagels for their quality and variety. If you’re looking to grab a quick bite between classes or a feast for dinner, the Student Union is the place to be.

Post Author: Shelby Hiens