10 immediate reactions to Springfest’s super theme

1. Thor Thursday. There was an opportunity to say Thor Thursday and instead SA went with Comic Carnival? I will possibly never be over this. There was a “Captain America Run,” so why wasn’t Thor assigned a whole day? It’s what the day was named after, historically.

2. Superheroes is a theme guaranteed not to fail. “Batman v Superman,” which garnered dismal critical reviews, still broke box office records for the month. In that way, it’s much like Springfest. No matter what happens, people will go to the events. There’s free food, prizes and weird activities. At Springfest. Not at theaters. The food is the opposite of free at theaters. This theme seems like a super — ha — safe choice in an era some would argue is oversaturated with capes and cowls.

3. This week definitely was more Marvel than DC reminiscent, even with the showing of “The Dark Knight.” Marvel’s recent fare, formulaic as it may be, is a mix of humor, action and genuine emotion, whereas DC movies have been gritty and dark. Other than Tuesday’s movie, it’s quite possible the only things gritty and dark about this week were the lines. Not to dismiss the lines, as they were quite long, and prevented me from getting a blanket. My room is cold. I wanted that blanket.

4. The number of events directly tied to superheroes seems quite low. Where was my Wonder Woman lassoing contest? That has always seemed like a worthwhile skill, and what better place to learn it?

5. Is it paranoid to think this whole theme was just to showcase Stead, a hurricane, Captain Cane and Goldie in superhero outfits? Goldie is very cute, so it’s understandable. Although a hurricane superhero seems problematic, and also very disturbing. Why was it so built?

6. On that note, Goldie is adorable. Dressed as a superhero, I see no legitimate reason for me not to adopt her. I love superheroes and dogs; this week combined them. Can the next theme just be animal related? If so, I get to keep them all at the end. My roommate is totally in support of this plan, so there’s no real obstacles.

7. I’m still way too angry about Thor Thursday. Wonder Woman Wednesday, full of lassos and the zipline instead of invisible planes. Fantastic Friday could’ve still happened, with hamster balls for Invisible Woman’s force fields or taffy for Reed Richard’s rather disgusting powers. Teen Titan Tuesday could’ve had a lot of different events, since practically everyone has been on that group. Like the Flash or Robin. And Mutant Monday. We could’ve had a psychic here, in the place of Charles Xavier, and “Juggernaut” piano drop.

8. Out of all the movies to show, picking “The Dark Knight” was a pretty questionable choice. The success of this movie seemed to convince Hollywood execs to make new DC movies gloomier and darker. It’s also probably the most overplayed and identifiable, of the DC movies.

9. So this is basically just like an early Halloween. There’s free candy and food, people in costumes and weird events. Like those Halloween parties hosted by churches and malls in an effort to protect the young of today. What exactly are we being protected from? Are there alternative Springfests out there, with more devilish activities and illegal foodstuffs?

10. Is there going to be a sequel?

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