11th Street businesses ousted, some fail to recover

In 2006, the University of Tulsa bought out property along 11th Street, with the goal of building along the property.

This, of course, caused the uprooting of a few businesses along the way.

Starship Records and Tapes and Metro Diner were two businesses that were forced to move.

Today, these businesses have experienced varied success.

Starship Records and Tapes was formerly located on the corner of 11th and Delaware Streets, and served as the premier Tulsa record store.

This location on Route 66 was home to Starship for more than 30 years.

After TU used eminent domain to force Starship to move in 2005, the store relocated and now sits on the corner of 13th and Lewis.

Starship is still in business, its walls decorated with concert posters, tapes and “tobacco” accessories.

While Starship has seen continued success, Metro Diner wasn’t so lucky.

The beloved stop of travelers along Route 66 was shut down on November 26, 2006.

The business was done for good, with no sign of returning to a new location.

Both businesses were ousted when the University of Tulsa bought the property in order to create a new entrance to the university (now known as the “New U”).

Students’ reaction to this purchase was negative, with one student quoted as saying, “In order for TU to fill the merchandising hole created by these establishments the visitor center (Collins Hall) will have to start carrying vibrators and gothic T-shirts, and a full assortment of bongs, bubblers, pinch hitters, and pipes.”

The owners of Starship Records declined to comment.

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