20 last minute costume ideas

Get ready! Tomorrow is that time of year again, the time where soul reaping Hell spawns walk the earth for a single night to collect as many life-forces as they can and attempt to break the seals that confine their demon mother Samhain. And sexy nurses!

But hey, we get it. You’ve put off getting a costume till the very last second because you weren’t planning on going out, but then your roommate’s cousin’s friend’s sister’s friend’s dog’s vet’s orthodontist is having a costume party and that friend of your roommate’s cousin’s friend’s sister also knows your mom and she said that it sounds like fun and she thinks you should really get out of the dorm for once and meet some people. So now you need a costume.

Well as usual, we’ve got your back! We’ve compiled a list of 20 killer costume ideas that take little to no effort or money to make!

1. Robe
Boom! Albus Dumbledore.
2. Broomstick
Boom! A witch.
3. Striped sweater
Boom! Freddy Krueger.
4. White sheet
Boom! A ghost.
5. Cat ears
Boom! A cat.
6. Fake glasses
Boom! A librarian.
7. Real glasses
Boom! A nerd.
8. Glasses and little clothing
Boom! Sexy librarian.
9. Underwear, socks, dress shirt
Boom! Ferris Bueller.
10. Ray bans
Boom! Also Ferris Bueller.
11. Ray bans and a saxophone
Boom! Bill Clinton.
12. Just the saxophone
Boom! Kenny G.
13. One of those weird rubbery Ted Cruz masks
Boom! The Zodiac Killer.
14. Black shirt and jeans
Boom! Steve Jobs.
15. Dress shirt under sweater
Boom! Bill Gates.
16. Fake gun and badge
Boom! Arrested for impersonating a police officer.
17. Invisibility cloak
Boom! My self-esteem.
18. Umbrella
Boom! Rain man (Ha! Get it?)
19. Nothing
Boom! Adam/Eve.
20. Bloody knife
Boom! Chem major.


Guy: Pleated pants, suspenders, bible
Girl: Dress, waistcloth, bonnet
Boom! Christian couple that definitely didn’t get married at 21 just to have sex.

Post Author: Sam Harrell