I will never be shot by a police officer

A week or so ago, a good friend of mine made a solid suggestion: re-read Peggy McIntosh’s “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” The article contains a list of conditions that white people can count on but that people of color in otherwise similar circumstances cannot. Following McIntosh, here are a few benefits I enjoy by virtue […]

Ferguson riots more than just “thuggery”

Over the week of Thanksgiving, protests erupted throughout the St. Louis area and across the nation following the announcement that white Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for shooting black teenager Michael Brown this August. A Week of Tension On the evening of Monday, Nov. 24, protesters awaiting the grand jury’s decision […]

Half-hearted case against Wilson a miscarriage of justice

The protests in Ferguson are about a lot of things: they’re about gentrification and the political inequalities that creates, they’re about stereotypes and the effects these stereotypes have when they’re held by juries and police officers, and they’re about police militarization and how it disproportionately affects specific demographics. But for all this, the protests do […]

Why pi is yummy

For most Americans, Pi has a special place in their hearts. I know that, in my house at least, Thanksgiving is not over until at least three separate pi’s have been served. There are pi eating contests, pi throwing contests, we even have American Pi! It’s safe to say that this country is obsessed with […]

Former idol sparks personal reflection

In recent months, comedian Bill Cosby has been the subject of a number of rape allegations. Many find the allegations particularly shocking because Cosby is a beloved comedian, actor and well-known advocate of family values. Some readers will find it alarming to learn that these are not the first allegations against Cosby. Victims began coming […]

Scientists should be legally accountable to laypeople

The last issue of the Collegian included an article entitled “Scientists should be tried by their peers.” The article described a group of Italian geologists who were convicted of manslaughter for incorrectly predicting that an earthquake would not occur. That earthquake went on to kill more than 300 people. While the article was correct in […]

Improving ‘Cane Transit

The shuttle system of the University of Tulsa will be changed in the following semester. Being part of a group project in a management class, my group members and I decided to take our project as a chance to try to improve the situation of the shuttle system of the University. We were aware of […]

The Bleacher Creature

A Word for the Wise Imagine that it’s finals week and you’re walking into your differential equations final in Kep M1. You know a B is out of the question. You’ve heard of As, but you doubt their existence. So passing would make for a decent day. Your professor hands you the test. What kind […]

The Blanken-ship has sunk: a commentary

There is the old saying that “all good things must come to an end.” Well so must all bad things. I’d file Bill Blankenship’s head coaching tenure strictly on a performance basis as a bad thing. Bill Blankenship’s last two years at Tulsa were especially horrific as the team went a combined 5–19. Despite a […]

Basketball finding its footing under Haith

Through their first seven games of the season, the Golden Hurricane men’s basketball team has played a 4–3 record. The theme of the results of those games? Defense. Following their season’s opening loss to Oral Roberts, TU rattled off three consecutive victories, defeating Louisiana Lafayette (64–53), Abilene Christian (65–39) and Auburn (53–35). The team achieved […]