Thomas Horne proud of his thirty-two years at TU

From 1993 to 2004, he was dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Since 2004, he has been a political science professor, teaching various courses in political philosophy, film and the environment with a political focus. The Collegian: So what has your history with the university been like, and what’s prompting your retirement? Horne: […]

New bike repair stations installed

Recently, two sets of bicycle pumps and tools have been installed on campus. One set is located in front of Pat Case Dining Center, and the other is located between Stephenson and Rayzor Halls. Each station consists of a manual air pump and a collection of tools. The tools include flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, […]

Controversy over reserve deputy’s training

Tulsa Reserve Deputy Robert Bates accidentally shot an unarmed suspect while taking part in an undercover sting operation. The district attorney charged Bates with second-degree manslaughter. Robert Bates is a wealthy ex-CEO of an insurance company who, according to the Tulsa World, has made numerous contributions to the Tulsa Sheriff’s Office. Bates was recently charged […]

Campus Crime Watch

April 9 11:05 p.m. Officers were dispatched to investigate unsolicited text messages at the Delta Gamma Sorority. Upon arrival, officers met with a student who stated that they and several other students have been receiving unwanted text messages from a delivery driver. TU security officers collected information from the students and completed a report. 1:00 […]

TU’s Spectacular Seniors: College of Health Sciences

Allison Kiefer Kiefer will be graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She entered nursing because of a drive to make a healthier community. She has had many experiences in the clinical setting educating others about health. As a student-athlete she has mentored younger student nurse athletes, reviewing and studying with them during team […]

TU’s Spectacular Seniors: College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Caleb Lareau Lareau is a mathematics and biochemistry double major. His discoveries in the field of biochemistry include the first genetic association with the rare neurological condition neurosarcoidosis, the first genetic mechanism that united several different mechanisms of antidepressant therapy, and novel effectors in immunological conditions like systemic lupus erythematosus and response to the influenza […]

TU’s Spectacular Seniors: Collins College of Business

Bryce Cason Cason is a double major in energy management and finance with double minors in economics and geology. Cason has had 3 summer internships since coming to TU as a freshman. He was named the American Association of Professional Landmen’s (AAPL) 2015 Outstanding Graduate. Cason tutors weekly at Will Rogers High School in Tulsa. […]

TU’s Spectacular Seniors: Arts and Sciences

Hayley Higgs Higgs is majoring in Graphic Design, with a certificate in advertising and minors in art history and French. She worked as a studio assistant, was a production design intern for Tulsa People, has been the primary graphic designer for the 108 Contemporary gallery through Third Floor Design, has worked with elementary students in […]

The hidden meanings of the presidential logos

It’s quite ingenious, when you think about it. Sure, the strategy will have its critics, but those will be far outweighed by the potential benefits. I am, of course, talking about Marco Rubio’s campaign strategy to launch a frozen yogurt chain. I mean, he hasn’t quite announced it yet, but one quick glance at the […]

“Citizenfour” screening Q&A offers insight on Snowden scandal

In 2013, National Security Agency affiliate Edward Snowden anonymously contacted documentary maker Laura Poitras with promises of information, and both agreed on meeting in Hong Kong. Only a few days later, Snowden leaked classified information to the press and established himself as the biggest whistleblower of our generation. Due to its rise in popularity after […]