Tulsa Roots Music Bash laid-back but rewarding

The Tulsa Roots Music Bash is a complicated animal. It has the casual atmosphere of a fair. Spectators spread out picnic blankets and folding chairs. A constantly long line feeds attendees to Lucky’s on the Green, where they can grab a beer or two. Yet the Tulsa Roots Music Bash is also pretty different from […]

“Spring” tries to bend genres, partially succeeds

If by any chance you’ve heard a summary of “Spring,” you’re probably aware of some plot details that might, in some people’s minds, constitute twists. “Spring” begins with a rather effective gut punch in the form of the protagonist mother’s death, which triggers a downward spiral as Evan (Lou Pucci) gets involved in a bar […]

TU Ten: Things we’ll miss

1. Tulsa’s fabulous Art Deco skyline. Whether the architectural wonder that is downtown Tulsa reminds you of the boom-and-bust oil days or something else entirely, it’s hard to sit on the McFarlin library steps and not fall in love with the view. 2. The cost of living. Compared to the east or west coasts, Oklahoma […]

Bipartisanship necessary for progress in Okla.

Democrats and Republicans are more polarized than ever, according to the Pew Research Center. The average partisan gap, or difference between the two parties, has doubled from 1987 to today. The Pew report contends that both parties are growing smaller and becoming more ideologically homogenous, with self-identified conservative Republicans outnumbering moderates 2 to 1, and […]

Collegian Senior Kyle Walker: Confessions of an inkaholic

I think reporters are all secretly adrenaline junkies. There’s a sense among student and professional journalists alike that you haven’t really earned your spurs until you’ve dealt with someone who doesn’t like you, doesn’t like your publication and would be perfectly happy if all these uppity folks with questions and notepads would kindly congregate elsewhere. […]