Voices for acceptance

Each of the three individuals at the panel were asked to share their stories, specifically about their experiences and struggles being both transgender and people of color. The first panelist spoke about her struggles as a transgender African-American woman. Born and raised in Tulsa, she eventually went to New York City for college where she […]

Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders

With the 2016 Presidential heating up, some voters are beginning to “Feel the Bern.” Independent senator turned Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders has been trailing behind frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the polls so far this election season, but that does not mean he is lacking voter support. Standing on a progressive platform, Sanders has gained popularity […]

Trump speaks at state fair in Oklahoma City

Republican candidate Donald Trump spoke to a large crowd at the Oklahoma State Fair last Friday. Though scheduled to speak at six, Trump did not arrive until 6:30 pm. Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey gave an opening speech which garnered little applause. Then, to kill time until the presidential hopeful arrived, a young Oklahoma fiddle player […]

SA holds senate elections

SA’s legislative body is its senate, composed of 34 total seats. The seats are divided into different constituencies. Five seats are at-large. Each academic college, including the College of Law, the Graduate School and the new College of Health Sciences, receives two seats. Apartments, commuters and residence halls all get five, while Greek housing gets […]

Rocket League excites casual and competitive players alike

A new game has exploded into the world of e-sports. Rocket League, a fast paced team based game where supersonic rocket powered cars can also fly and play soccer, rolled out in early July for Playstation network and Windows PC. The game is a sequel to developer Psyonix’s previous title Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars […]

Twenty-One Plus

True Blue Dew (times two) 3 oz. blue curaçao 2 oz. coconut rum 1 oz. triple sec 4 oz. unsweetened coconut cream 2 oz. simple syrup ice Pour all ingredients into blender. Fill to liquid level with ice. Blend and serve with a straw. (Note: this recipe makes two; share with a friend! I’d suggest […]

Kenneth Goldsmith tells American tragedies with poetry

Kenneth Goldsmith, the First Poet Laureate of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, stood in front of a nearly-full Tyrrell Auditorium on Tuesday night. Known for wearing a pink suit on The Colbert Report and a paisley suit during a reading at the White House, on that night Goldsmith was wearing white suit and pants, […]

Metal Gear Solid V captures ugliness of revenge

The Metal Gear Solid series is now nearly two decades old. It originated in the grainy, polygonal renderings of the PlayStation 1. Besides pioneering the stealth genre, it advanced games as a way to weave a narrative, exploring topics with a level of immersion only available to that medium. In 1998, it discussed the contrary […]

Shepherd’s Cross Pumpkin Festival delights visitors

Shepherd’s Cross Pumpkin Festival began last week and will be continuing through Halloween. Located in Claremore, just short of an hour’s drive outside of Tulsa, the family-friendly pumpkin patch offers a wide selection of pumpkins at good prices. In addition to selling pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, Shepherd’s Cross has free activities […]