Okla. criminal offenders face housing struggles

After being released from prison, individuals face a myriad of decisions. Housing is one of those decisions. Multiple studies indicate that recently-released individuals who become homeless are more likely to return to prison than those with stable housing. Since 2014, the number of inmates in corrections facilities in the state has increased by nearly 1,200. […]

Panel discusses raising our SexPectations

On Wednesday, April 13, Student Affairs and Women’s and Gender Studies hosted an event called, “SexPectations: Healthy Relationships and Sexuality for College Students.” Psychology graduate student Jennifer Steward, M.A., led the discussion, which focused on why we need to be comfortable talking about sex — regardless of whether or not we actually want to have […]

TU delegation attends Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature session

A delegation of seven TU students traveled to Oklahoma City, Okla., on March 31-April 2 to participate in a statewide collegiate competition in the Capitol Building. In TU’s first session back with Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (OIL) in several years, they managed to win four awards. OIL brought together almost 200 students from 13 universities in […]

Oliphant hosts diverse native plants

The courtyard in Oliphant hall houses a selection of native plants for the use and enjoyment of TU faculty. Currently, biology professor Glen Collier cares for the courtyard, but his upcoming retirement in May makes its future unclear. In 1974, Pat Blair, professor of biology, used the intersession course to find plants to populate the […]

TU’s Spectacular Seniors

Students were asked: What is/are your major(s) and any minors/certificates you have? What clubs/organizations are you involved with both inside and outside TU? What are your plans after graduation? What will you miss the most about TU? What will you miss the least about TU? Sarah Ringler Major: Major in Accounting, Minor in Finance and […]

Online voter registration planned for future elections

Last year, Senate Bill 313 went into effect, which permits Oklahoma residents to register to vote electronically. Currently, the State Election Board is working to create a system to allow online registration. Senate Bill 313, sponsored by Senator David Holt, permits online registration with a valid state driver’s license or identification card. Voters may, as […]

Confederacy continues to divide Americans

Recently, Mississippi declared April Confederate Heritage month. Alternatively, Brian Beutler, senior editor at “The New Republic,” proposed April should feature a day celebrating the defeat of the Confederate States of America (CSA). Neither of those are good holidays. Instead, we should celebrate Reconstruction Amendment Day, in remembrance of our country’s huge step forward in civil […]

Equal Pay Day spotlights gender wage gap

April 12 marks Equal Pay Day in America, spotlighting, however temporarily, a topic that has proven itself controversial in both the realm of the general public and studied economists. The gender wage gap, in which men are paid more than women on a national basis, is an issue whose depth has consumed the better part […]

Democracy Spring deserves more media attention

The largest political demonstration at the US capitol in all of American history occurred last week. It began with a march. Specifically, 160 people on a 10 day, 140 mile march from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to the steps of the US Capitol Building. A series of sit-ins occurred Monday, April 11 through April […]