Volleyball opens conference with a split

The Golden Hurricane volleyball team opened up conference play hosting Cincinnati and East Carolina, splitting the two games. Tulsa came into Thursday’s game riding a nine-game winning streak, but fell to the Bearcats in a match that went the distance. But even as their winning streak came to an end, the Golden Hurricane bounced back […]

Stadium financing: totally legal extortion

Even though their team will almost certainly miss the playoffs in 2016 and the sight of Todd Gurley getting stuffed behind the line of scrimmage will be a more familiar one than him dancing into the endzone, fans of the LA Rams sure do have a lot to be happy about this year. Why? Oh […]

Which Clinton scandal are you?

1) Your hair is trending well with moderate voters, but the alt-right thinks it’s too masculine and fringe groups on the left are concerned that you’re using too much product. Meanwhile, there were 13,471 shooting deaths in 2015, but this hair thing is clearly more important. A) Screw this! Get an undercut and dye it […]

Occupy Gun Street fails to protest gun inequality

An unusual protest has been going unnoticed by most media sources. Formed in response to the fact that 50% of all guns in America are owned by 3% of the people, the group has gathered on Gun Street to protest gun inequality. The movement known as Occupy Gun Street has been rocking America to its […]

Sahar Aziz spoke at annual Civil Rights Lecture

Law Professor Sahar Aziz spoke last Thursday about what she believes to be the maltreatment of minority groups in America. The 17th annual Buck Colbert Franklin Memorial Civil Rights Lecture hosted the professor from Texas A&M University, who is a Sunni muslim born in Egypt. Aziz works with muslim communities and is an expert on […]

Tulsans create new rideshare app, TRIDE

Uber and Lyft have risen to prominence as the go-to apps for users to get a ride somewhere. A group of Tulsa natives is looking to change that. Blake Litton is a co-owner of the rideshare app TRIDE, originally named as a portmanteau of “Tulsa” and “ride” although the word also means fleet or nimble. […]

Football dominates Aggies 58–21

After being shut down by Ohio State last weekend, it was Tulsa’s turn to shut someone down as they scored 58 unanswered points before beating North Carolina A&T 58–21 on Saturday. A&T (Aggies) came in as the 19th best team in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), but couldn’t make anything work against Tulsa’s smothering defense. […]

Bleacher Creature

Twerk of the Year There was a time when touchdown celebrations were the most fun thing about the NFL, the only time when the players could just release all that pent-up testosterone in the form of daintily flapping arm-wings, planet-smashing spikes or a tasteful cha-cha. In recent years, ever since the league instituted harsher penalties […]

Volleyball goes 11–1 in non-conference

For the the third week in a row, the Tulsa volleyball team swept the field at the tournament they played in, this time the Tulsa Invitational. This gives them a record of 11–1 going into conference play next week. First up for the Golden Hurricane was crosstown rival Oral Roberts University. Tulsa continued their hot […]