The state of Oklahoma schools: the four day week

139 school districts in Oklahoma went to a four day school week for the 2016-2017 school year. That is almost one third of every school district in Oklahoma. Inola Public Schools was the district right at the forefront of this move. Superintendent Kent Holbrook announced the decision shortly after reviewing the district’s budget allocations from […]

TU students learning about Okla. history in new ways

Brian Hosmer, Associate Professor of Western American History at TU, took a new approach when assigned to teach “History of Oklahoma,” a block course offered through the History department. “My idea was to change this from just a discussion of Oklahoma history to an opportunity for our students to meet and learn from all kinds […]

TU student arrested for sexual assualts, burglary

Luis Alberto Molina, a now-suspended student of the University of Tulsa, faces 22 charges of sexual assault and burglary. The 19-year-old man was charged last Thursday, October 27 with one count of first-degree attempted rape, four counts of sexual battery, seven counts of peeping tom, one count of peeping tom with photographic/electronic equipment, seven counts […]

Heated debate in Sexual Assault Prevention Panel

A sexual assault panel meant to spread awareness and information turned into a heated debate between some faculty, students and other audience members last Friday, October 28. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Panel, hosted by the Advocacy Alliance in the Student Union, discussed awareness, Haven, the recent arrest of Luis Alberto Molina, resources for […]

Neighbors, employees sue TU over radioactive spill

A group of 31 employees and neighbors are suing the University of Tulsa over a radioactive spill that occurred at TU’s North Campus, located at Marshall and Lewis, in fall of 2014. 14 of these people say they were TU employees at the time of the spill. Attorneys representing the group filed the lawsuit in […]

Consider Rex Berry for a renewed sheriff’s office

Why vote for sheriff? Amongst the state senators and state supreme court justices on the November 8 ballot is the option to vote for either Vic Regalado or Rex Berry for Sheriff. Regalado has been acting sheriff since former sheriff Stanley Glanz resigned midway through his seventh term. Regalado surpassed Berry in April in the […]

Workers’ comp. decision shows problem with special law ban

In 2013, the Oklahoma Legislature passed a partial opt-out for some businesses with workers’ comp plans. That opt-out was recently declared unconstitutional (in regards to the state constitution) by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Their reasoning was that it constituted a “special law.” Such reasonings show how archaic our state constitution is. The relevant portion of […]

Segregating the poor and hungry isn’t a solution

Iron Gate, a Tulsa-based soup kitchen and food pantry, has been around since 1984. On their website you can find the words “we are all guests on this earth and guests treat one another with courtesy, kindness and respect.” It seems this philosophy of equality is not one that every Tulsan holds. Currently, Iron Gate […]

Despite vague laws, don’t take ballot selfies

With the presidential election cycle and important laws about to be voted on, the American public will soon be headed out to the polls to put in their votes. However, a new issue may arise this election cycle and that is the idea of taking pictures or selfies with your ballot. This is currently illegal […]