Clancy clocks in

Dr. Gerard Clancy is familiar with the ornate desk, smooth wooden floors, and sturdy bookshelves of a university president’s office — he held such an office for eight years at OU-Tulsa. Now, he settles into a very similar office — one with a view of Chapman Commons. Clancy assumed the presidency on November 1, two […]

Over 150 gather to protest president-elect in Tulsa

On Friday, November 11, a protest named “We Are Better Together” was held in downtown Tulsa. The march, which began at the Center of the Universe, covered nearly five miles, bringing the crowd through the Blue Dome District to the BOK Center and, of course, back to the Center. The message of the event was […]

Oklahomans decide the fate of state questions

SQ776 – 66 percent voted yes State question 776 declares the death penalty constitutional in Oklahoma and allows the legislature to use any execution method not prohibited by the US Constitution. The passage of this question changes very little about how the state currently operates, because the death penalty and legislature’s right to choose the […]

After months of campaigning, election results are finally in

President of the United States: Donald Trump Republican candidate Donald Trump was the first to reach 270 electoral votes last Tuesday, managing to take key battleground states like Florida and Ohio despite what many considered a narrow path to victory heading into Election Day. In Oklahoma, president-elect Trump won handily, with 65 percent of votes […]

Key LGBTQ+ issues identified at PRIDE panel

The university’s Pride Month kickstarted this week with an open panel designed to discuss important LGBTQ+ issues and answer student questions. Dr. Marianne Blair, professor of international and comparative family at TU, Preston Brasch, president of Outlaws at TU Law, Michael Mills, dean of community relations for True Blue Neighbors, and Sharon Queen, representing Oklahoma […]

TU students question future as teachers

In August 2016, the Oklahoma School Boards Association reported that districts across the state were trying to fill more than 500 vacancies for the 2016-2017 school year. These vacancies came from eliminating 1,500 teachers and 1,300 supporting staff positions. To fill these remaining spots, the state has been forced to rely on emergency certified teachers. […]

Campus Climate Survey reveals student unease about personal safety

The Campus Climate Survey was conducted by the University of Tulsa Institute of Trauma, Adversity and Injustice (TITAN) and the Advocacy Alliance. The stated purpose of the survey was, “to investigate the prevalence rates, attitudes regarding interpersonal violence, knowledge of and access to resources, alcohol and drug consumption, mental health symptoms, and perception of preventative […]

Student encounters difficulty seeking CSAS accommodations

When Kaitlyn Counter was diagnosed with ADHD during spring of her sophomore year, it became apparent to her that her condition was affecting her academic performance. She turned to TU’s Center for Student Academic Support, which offers accommodations to students with students with disabilities including ADHD. “I had just gotten my ADHD diagnosis from my […]

TU needs to improve its sexual health resources

Trojan (of the condoms) has released a Sexual Health Report Card every year for the past 11 years. They compare the information available about on-campus resources for sexual health at 140 colleges across the United States, which account for one third of undergraduate students in the U.S. The report looks at 11 criteria and ranks […]