Curran Scott hits a leaner against Temple. Photo by Dalton Stewart

Heartbreak for the Hurricane in AAC Tourney

The Golden Hurricane finished the regular season strong, but lost in the American conference quarterfinals to a Memphis buzzer beater. With the fourth seed and a first-round bye already secured for the conference tournament, the University of Tulsa men’s basketball game didn’t need to win on Sunday against Temple. But on the last home game […]

The Bleacher Creature

Spread the Love It can be easy to forget that professional athletes are actual human beings. They are larger-than-life figures (literally) who perform such incredible feats with their bodies that we tend to mythologize them. To many observers, they might as well be characters in a play acting out their lives in an alternate reality, […]

Should student-athletes be paid? One from TU weighs in.

The NCAA’s failures will not change if student-athletes are paid salaries. Paying student-athletes is akin to legalizing steroid use. To air out the corruption only instigates deeper scandal and exploitation. Much has come into the light recently. The NCAA basketball scandal has invigorated the conscience in every armchair sports-philosopher this side of the asteroid belt. […]

Courtesy University of Tulsa

TU administration hosted panel on free speech

Panelists, which included both professors and students, discussed the relationship of free speech to private universities. “How can we ensure that TU maintains its dedication to free inquiry while also stimulating an inclusive environment where all students feel welcome?” Questions like this were among those discussed by the six panelists at Thursday’s free speech event. […]

Gerard Clancy, in a recent video meant for students and faculty, advised that students hide in the event of a shooting and fight back if necessary. Courtesy University of Tulsa

The growing threat of shooters, and administrations’ response

Schools review safety policies as a string of copycat shooting threats sweeps Green Country. In Tulsa In the wake of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a string of online shooting threats has affected multiple Green Country schools, including Tulsa Public Schools. As of February 23, threats had been […]

Feeder schools funnel students into TU. Graphic by Conner Maggio

How TU picked you: A look at the student recruitment process

The multilateral selection process can appear quite intimidating. TU’s Dean of Admissions Casey Reed explains how the office of admissions encourages applications and decides who to accept. Beyond a doubt, TU is a small school. Graduating high school students see only 3,000 undergrads at the university and wonder if they’ll even get in. Dean of […]

From left to right, Jessica LaPlant, Megan Lowry, Rizka Aprilia, Dr. Jan Wilson, Ally Johnston and Greyson Chance. Photos by Hannah Kloppenburg

Tulsa Tough Women panel provided forum to discuss women’s issues

The panel featured three students and a faculty member who shared their thoughts on women’s rights and their unique experiences as women from different walks of life. In honor of International Women’s Day, SA held a panel last Friday to discuss feminism and women’s issues. About 60 people filled the Choteau Room in ACSU to […]

Susan Landau, a visiting professor, advocated for civil rights organizations as a buffer between person and state. Courtesy University of Tulsa

Cybersecurity in the digital age of insecurity

Dr. Susan Landau, a visiting professor from Tufts University, discussed the conflict in the digital age between privacy and security. The age of information is in full swing, and data is the new and readily available currency. However, not everyone is happy about how easy information is to access, even if it could lead to […]

Meal sharing implemented

The new program could help more than 20 percent of TU’s student population. One young man’s initiative, and your support, could save many of TU’s poorest students from food insecurity. Conner Bender, the secretary of SA, has been working with Sodexo to pilot a food swipe donation program. The program began March 5, allowing students […]