Spirit Squad break-in

TU Security is still investigating the theft of equipment from the Mabee Gym in February. The suspect(s) broke into the facility where the TU Spirit Squad practices. Between February 11 and February 13, the suspect got into the closet where the squad and dance department store equipment and uniforms, according to Amanda Snider, the Director […]

TPS superintendent plans possible teacher walkout

All across the country, public school teachers are performing walkouts in demand for higher pay. Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist announced Sunday morning that the school district will join other districts across Oklahoma in a possible teacher walkout. “If our state legislature does not pass a plan to increase teacher pay and funding to […]

Eye on the World

Syrian government holds half of Eastern Ghouta The UN has reported that forces loyal to the Syrian government have taken control of more than half of Eastern Ghouta, the largest surviving rebel enclave, near the capital of Damascus. The government is reportedly moving further in, with civilians fleeing occupied villages to Douma, the largest town […]

Students can feel pressured or motivated by changing the weight of their grades with a plus/minus system. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Pluses and minuses an A+ GPA system

A student’s GPA does not necessarily represent a student’s understanding of a course, and GPAs should more accurately describe a student’s work. Throughout middle school, I was an A-minus student; when I got to high school, I’ll confess to something closer to a solid B then a B-plus average. When I came to the University […]

Students can feel pressured or motivated by changing the weight of their grades with a plus/minus system. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Pluses and minuses would fail students

Students would lose more than just their high GPAs if TU were to switch from its current system of GPAs to a plus/minus system. Universities have increasingly adopted a GPA system that counts pluses and minuses. As of 2002, around 56 percent of two- and four-year higher education institutions used the plus/minus system. For example, […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature, and the bills and politics you need to know. Oklahoma’s legislature has passed a stunning seven pieces of legislation since its start in February. Most have been recognitions of important dates or people, or emergency measures that help with the budget […]

The Caf has changed to compostable bags that are better for the environment. Photo by Ethan Veenker

Green bags a good start to reducing to-go meal waste

The Caf is decreasing their carbon footprint by switching to eco-friendly bags, but backpacks or totes are the best option. At the Pat Case Dining Center (the Caf), one doesn’t always have to eat within. The option of grabbing a to-go meal is available to students, and until recently, those who went with this option […]

Buildings on campus are difficult to enter when using a wheelchair, as shown by (top to bottom): Fisher West Suites, Physical Plant and McFarlin Library. Photos by Raven Fawcett

Campus trips up people with disabilities

While the campus is mostly technically ADA compliant, TU is still not truly accessible to all. Getting a wheelchair five months ago changed my view of the world, quite literally. Not only was my line of vision now a foot or two lower, but I started noticing handicap accessibility problems that I had never noticed […]

Without a desk assistant, more rules are liable to be broken, leaving students without help and buildings without a supervisor. Photo by Raven Fawcett

Student desk assistants losing vital hours

TU is changing the desk assistant position in dorms, which cuts down on student safety and earnings. TU housing is about to undergo some changes. According to Assistant Director of Resident Life Andreya Williams, the department has hired several department assistants who will staff the desk during business hours, allowing students to work from 5 […]

Gun licensing bill overshoots, gives rights to too many

The Oklahoma state legislature is trying to loosen restrictions on gun control at a time when they should tighten them. On February 5, House Representatives Jeff Coody and Nathan Dahm proposed House Bill 2951, which made new changes to requirements for carrying firearms. After succeeding in the Public Safety Committee, the bill is now headed […]