The sign reads, “Imagine if more people could realize kindness is true strength and true power.” photo by Jade H. Nguyen

Cold doesn’t stop 2019 Tulsa Women’s March

Several organizations and guest speakers came together for the rally in downtown Tulsa. The 2019 Tulsa Women’s March was held at Guthrie Green and the Living Arts of Tulsa on Saturday, Jan. 19. Originally, the march was meant to be a longer outdoor demonstration, but the outdoor portion of the march was cut short by […]

The LA strike took cues from protests across the midwest in 2018, such as the pictured Milwaukee strike. courtesy Flickr / Charles Edward Miller

LA teachers’ strike ends after eight days

The LA teachers got almost all of their demands, with more strikes on the horizon across the nation. Over the last week, thousands of teachers and support staff across Los Angeles protested after contract negotiations between their union and the LA Unified School District’s representatives failed to come to terms. Building for months, the tension […]

Eye On The World

Maduro Crisis in Venezuela Earlier this month, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro began his second term following an election plagued with claims of vote-rigging and the exclusion of his opposition’s biggest candidate. That candidate, Juan Guaidó of the Popular Will party, declared himself “acting president” this week, a move that necessitated responses from multiple leaders. Guaidó […]

Gallup reveals food deserts

Local reporting confirmed and expanded the findings on food inequality in Tulsa. Over the course of 2017, Gallup Surveys partnered with Tulsa to find out how Tulsans feel about their economic opportunities and quality of life. Last week, Fox23 News provided an overview of the survey’s findings from the finalized report for 2018. While nearly […]

Broken Arrow mayor writes letter supporting border wall

Mayor Craig Thurmond addressed President Trump at the beginning of the month with an argument in favor of the proposed border wall. Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond has written a letter to President Trump in favor of the border wall, likening the increased border security to fences around residential homes or a gated community: “Some […]

Malcolm X and MLK at Capitol Hill during the Senate debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Sanitized legacy of MLK not representative of King’s politics

The “I Have a Dream” narrative built for Dr. Martin Luther King doesn’t do justice to his complex political thought. This past Monday, like it does every year, the nation celebrated the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. A few highlights: St. Louisans watched a white male anchorman substitute a racial slur when […]

Though the ad is criticized for being anti-men, the heroes of the ad themselves are men. courtesy RELEVANT Magazine

Gillette interested in money, not social change

The company met with marketing teams before releasing the now infamous ad; there was no real risk in their change of branding. On Jan. 13, 2019, the shaving and razor company Gillette released an ad titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)” on their YouTube channel and social media pages. […]

“Fake news” is largely due to our own inability to check the veracity of our sources. courtesy IFLA

Loss of jobs in journalism reduces quality of news

Citizens of the United States, as consumers of news and participants in democracy, must prioritize reliable journalism. Last week, nearly a thousand journalists were laid off. Employees for Huffington Post, Buzzfeed News and newspapers owned by print media giant Gannett Co. lost jobs. It’s another blow in a long line of hits to the newspaper […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature and the bills and politics you need to know. With 2817 bills introduced thus far this legislative session, we’re continuing to highlight important bills, good and bad. These bills will be (or have been) announced, and will then be shuffled into […]

Instagram egg provides community in corporate-dominated setting

Compared to other Instagram influencers, the egg seems uniquely community-based. There is a new rising star on social media. This recent influencer is an Instagram page titled World Record Egg. Its main goal was to become the most liked photo in the history of Instagram. On the original image, the caption says, “Let’s set a […]