Henningsen founded Gen1TU in an effort to provide students with information they may not have had access to. courtesy Meagan Henningsen

TU freshman starts first-gen student support club

TU student Meagan Henningsen started Gen1TU, a club for first generation college students, when she noticed a lack of resources. The road to success and a four-year degree can be a challenge for anyone, but it becomes exponentially more difficult when no one has paved the road for you. According to a 2011 study by […]

Second patient free of HIV in London A global health milestone was replicated in London on Tuesday, March 5, as an adult man was functionally cured of HIV in an experimental research trial. This outcome is a result of a series of bone marrow transplants from an HIV-resistant donor, as well as rigorous stem cell […]

TU student embroiled in homophobic, racist controversy

The alleged prejudiced correspondence was revealed in leaked screenshots from a GroupMe group message. Last week, several screenshots leaked that depicted racist and homophobic messages being shared from the GroupMe account of a prominent former member in TU’s College Republicans chapter. We have chosen to keep the name of this student anonymous, as we have […]

oe Biden will most likely use his connection to Obama to aid his anticipated 2020 campaign. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Democratic Party splitting ideologies for 2020 election

Progressives, centrists and those inbetween are vying for the top spot in the Democratic Party in 2020. The presidential election of 2016 was a disastrous moment for the Democratic Party, which is honestly the most objective thing I’ve ever written. It likely felt to older Democrats like the mishaps of George McGovern’s 1972 run at […]

Congresswoman Omar’s recent tweet replying to Glenn Greenwald has sparked controversy. graphic by Conner Maggio

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweets criticizing Israel not antisemitic

Rep. Omar’s critique of unchecked aid to Israel has incurred bipartisan condemnation. United States Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has had a rough first three months in office. The first Somali-American, and one of the first two Muslim women, elected to Congress, she has been considered one of the rising stars in the Democratic Party since her […]

A group associated with Epic Charter Schools has donated money to several politicians, including Kevin Stitt. graphic by Conner Maggio

Charter schools should be held to higher transparency standards

New House Bill 1395 would require charter schools to obey the same financial reporting requirements as public schools. A new institution in Oklahoma, Epic Charter Schools, seeks to provide a better form of education to young students. Students can receive their education online or through a mix of online and in-person classes. The non-profit organization […]

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature and the bills and politics you need to know. State Congress reflects Oklahoma constituents for better or worse. This week we’re looking at a few good and a few terrible bills moving through the legislature just ahead of Spring Break, where […]

Murray looks on from the sideline during the combine. courtesy AZ Central

Murray skips drills at NFL combine

NFL expert Lindsey Prather covers how the 2019 Heisman winner’s lack of participation raises a debate about the limitations of professional football’s combine. The 2019 NFL Scouting Combine kicked off on Feb. 26 and lasted until March 4, providing some tangible numbers to judge the talent heading into April’s NFL Draft. A couple of storylines […]

UEFA to probe Man City for corruption

Soccer expert Andrew Noland details the Financial Fair Play investigation into Sheikh Mansour’s illegal methods in funding the Premier League champions. Last Thursday and Friday, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the Premier League opened up a new case into Manchester City’s finances and potential breaches of Financial Fair Play rules. The investigation […]