(From left to right) President Gerard Clancy, Janet Levit, Esq. and Dr. Tracy Manly talking at the Student Forum. photo by Ethan Veenker

PPRC announces sweeping department cuts

Updated as of 2:05 pm, April 17th, 2019. Lightly edited for grammar, syntax and a redundancy. The faculty-led committee will cut 84 degree programs as part of an effort to prepare TU for changes in the academic landscape. Recent, drastic changes announced at the University of Tulsa have a significant portion of TU studentry and […]

Sign placed in front of what was TU Copy’s window ledge in McFarlin Library notifying students about the shutdown. photo by Madison Connell

TU Copy closed by parent company due to lack of use

The sudden closure of TU Copy left students and employees scrambling to find affordable alternatives. A vital campus resource. Three long-time employees. No notice. The closure of the University of Tulsa’s student copy shop, known as TU Copy, involved all of these things, surrounded by rumors long before and after it closed. It started with […]

Parents, ringleaders charged in college admissions scandal

Rick Singer led the 50 individuals that were part of a conspiracy to get children of wealthy adults into elite universities. On March 12, U.S. federal prosecutors charged Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin and 50 other people in a scheme for wealthy Americans to buy their children’s attendance at elite universities. This investigation, entitled Operation Varsity […]

Fish Bowl to be converted into e-sports arena

The space will serve as a lounge for gamers and will house up to 20 high-end gaming stations. The garage-like room at the entrance to the Pat Case Dining Center will be converted into an area for e-sports, or competitive video gaming, next year. Dr. Melissa France, the associate vice president for enrollment and student […]

Jeremy Richman, father of a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting, in a 2013 town hall meeting. courtesy Associated Press

Social impacts of mass shootings poorly understood

After a spate of suicides related to mass shootings, experts are further exploring the relationship between trauma and mental health. The first week of April has been the only week since 2013 without a mass shooting. Shooting-related suicides are becoming repeated occurrences in the United States. The only growing category of homicide today is the […]

Courtroom sketch of Joe Exotic from his early April hearing. courtesy Todd Pendleton and The Oklahoman

Former gubernatorial candidate found guilty of murder-for-hire

Joe Exotic paid an undercover FBI agent to take the life of a critic of his private zoo practices. A federal jury has convicted Joe Exotic, an Oklahoma native, zoo owner, YouTuber and former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, of attempting to hire a hitman to kill Carole Baskin, the founder of the Big Cat Rescue located […]

TU student shared racist and homophobic messages

Former statewide Chair of College Republicans Sheridan Nolen posted offensive memes, inciting controversy among party figures. On March 7, the OU student newspaper, OU Daily, leaked multiple screenshots from the OU College Republicans GroupMe that contained explicitly racist, homophobic and otherwise insensitive content. The president of OU College Republicans, Luke Harshaw, was present in a […]

Course evals used by professors, administration

Professors read and reflect on their course evaluations, which are used in determining their eligibility for tenure. Your student course evaluations matter more than you might expect. According to Dr. Teresa Reed, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, course evaluations are a portion of what is considered for a tenured professor, an […]

A TU Treks adventure at Climb Tulsa from February. courtesy TU Treks’ Facebook page

TU Treks a perfect opportunity to get off campus

The club offers outdoor excursions throughout the year, including rock climbing, kayaking and a trip to the Appalachian trail. TU Treks has long been a member of the university’s Student Association. As a group, they host all manner of activities ranging from short trips to the Gathering Place to week-long excursions into the wilderness. TU […]

Eye On The World

Israel election results On Tuesday, Israel held elections for the 21st Knesset, the nation’s unicameral legislature. What originally looked like a dead heat between current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party and Benny Gantz’s Blue and White Party has now been declared a victory for Likud. With 100 percent reporting, they have won a 30 […]