Silver Sphere’s second EP is less than half an hour-long, but includes several memorable songs. courtesy HUMAN RE-SOURCES

Pop artist Silver Sphere’s “yikes!” perfect fall listening

The musician’s second EP incorporates catchy lyrics with playful music videos and beats. When you are drowning in midterms and aching for a change of scene, listening to Silver Sphere’s second EP during a night drive downtown is the perfect antidote. This artist is my new favorite. The EP, “yikes!” is an energetic and melancholic […]

Wilco formed in 1994 and has been releasing music since, cultivating a familiar and comfortable performance style. courtesy Annabel Mehran/Pitch Perfect PR

Wilco concert demonstrates practiced musicianship

Wilco and Molly Sarles performed “Ode to Joy” tour at Cain’s Ballroom to long-time fans. Cain’s Ballroom hosted a different kind of concert than one I’ve ever been to on Tuesday evening. Wilco, with opener Molly Sarles, brought a completely unique sound and energy to Tulsa’s historic concert hall that permeated the entire city while […]

Oklahoma’s amount of growers, dispensaries and processor licenses as of June 2019. graphic by Emma Palmer

High rates of medical marijuana blazes through Oklahoma

Medical marijuana is going strong across the country, with Oklahoma set to be the highest user in just over a year of legalization. Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana or weed, has had a long and troubled history in the United States, but despite all that it is growing at an exponential rate across the US, […]

Outstanding Senior award: What the lack of diversity says about TU’s values

After poor communication and hollow claims, the finalists were not representative of the student body. Every fall, The University of Tulsa announces a maximum of 10 individuals to be honored as Jess Chouteau Outstanding Seniors. These individuals are selected by alumni and are publicly recognized during half-time of the Homecoming football game. The award begins […]

Halloween is a fairly expensive holiday. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Halloween, fun in concept, but always a logistical letdown

The non-holiday should be treated more like a real day off if we want to celebrate it like one. It’s late October and everywhere you turn there’s Halloween. Advertisements on TV, radio and youtube are all capitalizing off of the scariest holiday of the year. Everyone loves Halloween: it’s an excuse to dress up in […]

Hong Kong government officially kills controversial extradition bill On Oct. 23, the government of Hong Kong officially withdrew the controversial extradition bill that first prompted the ongoing protests. Introduced in April 2019, the bill would have allowed the extradition of Hong Kong citizens to mainland China for various offences. This particular bill sparked months of […]

Shuffles Board Game Cafe a unique and playful space

Tulsa’s first board game cafe allows visitors to play a wide assortment of games accompanied by food and drinks. Situated downtown between a fusion restaurant and cute cafes, Shuffles stands out with its glass door that peeks into a fun family-friendly atmosphere. Immediately, pops of colors, modern furniture and the walls of board games stand […]

Clinton has less widespread support among Democrats than she did in 2016. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Point Counterpoint: Clinton is right, Gabbard has made herself a friend of Russia

Clinton has little to gain by making the claim that Gabbard is a Russian asset. Long before the 2016 presidential election, people have hated Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to say where exactly it started, some people surely didn’t like her as a First Lady, and the whole Clinton family had its popularity plummet during the […]