photo by Callie Hummel

Tulsa soccer starts strong in 2021 season

Sports writer Callie Hummel discusses the success of our nationally ranked soccer players. With their 2020 soccer season consisting solely of conference play and resulting in a 6-4-2 record, the Tulsa men’s soccer team has come out of the gate hot in the 2021 season. They have a lot to prove in the new year, […]

Governor Stitt has not directly commented on the situation. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Julius Jones recommended for commutation

The death row inmate’s fate is now up to Governor Kevin Stitt, who can either accept or reject the board’s decision. On Sept. 13, the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board voted 3 to 1, with one member recusing, to recommend commuting Julius Jones’ death sentence, altering it to life in prison. Adam Luck, the board’s […]

Universities remove standardized test requirements

Many colleges’ applications no longer require SAT or ACT scores in a change that may last beyond the pandemic. For most college-bound high school students, taking the SAT or ACT is an essential part of the application process. A higher score on these tests gives you a greater chance of acceptance and receiving scholarships. These […]

A close-up view of the new interface of the Blue Light poles illustrates the complexity of a previously simple emergency system. photo by Adam Walsh

Students respond to Blue Light pole removal

With the reconstruction of the Blue Light emergency poles, students are left in the dark as to long-term plans to keep campus safe. Before committing to coming here, I visited the University of Tulsa with my mom and she asked the same question she had asked everywhere else: what is the university doing to ensure […]

Based in Redwood City, California, the game publishing giant Electronic Arts has constructed an industry reputation of hours of crunch, repetitive title releases and insincerity. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Development crunch time violates workers’ rights

Developers find their personal time increasingly meaningless to development companies despite skyrocketing profit margins. With the backdrop of the pandemic at play, the pressures of the video game industry have intensified; American total spending on video games hit a record high of $56.9 billion in 2020, according to the market research organization NPD. This demand […]

This show is availabe ot watch on Paramount+. Courtesy CBS All Access

“Star Trek: Lower Decks” a comedic addition to the “Star Trek” era

In the animated television series, “Star Trek: Lower Deck,” we see the more mundane side of the “Star Trek” universe. Following up on a surprisingly stellar first season, “Star Trek: Lower Decks” continues to tell classic “Star Trek” adventures with a comedic twist midway through its second season. The past few years have seen a […]

“You Look Like Death” is illustrated by Gabriel Ba, Ian Culbard and Nate Piekos. courtesy Dark Horse Comics

Comic series prequel to “Umbrella Academy” a must-read

“You Look Like Death” provides intriguing storylines and interesting visuals despite missing some marks. This summer, the long-anticipated prequel to the “Umbrella Academy” comic series finally released its completed first volume “You Look Like Death.” If you’re a fan of Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy,” then this is the perfect read for you. As you may […]

I would’ve attached that video of the man singing the trololol song, but who am I to say? graphic by Anna Johns

TU replaces Blue Light Phones with epic prank

Does this make you ragequit, Batman? Once passive, unspoken guardians of the campus, the Blue Light Phones have been drastically changed: no longer do students have the option to utilize this safety measure, and it has instead been deactivated and replaced with a QR code haphazardly draped upon the previous system’s corpse. Though previously these […]

Hurricane Heartbreak: counteracting breakups with EX-orcisms

This week’s weekly email from TU attempts to tackle breakups and shares healthy ways for students to overcome heartache and loss. In a strangely unimpressive move, the University of Tulsa official email system sent out yet another singularly esoteric and obscure solution to a problem faced by many students. With modern solutions proving too unwieldy […]