Governor Keven Stitt has faced criticism from the LGBTQ+ community over legislation in the past. courtesy

Governor Stitt prohibits nonbinary birth certificates

Stitt believes his executive order is necessary to protect Oklahoma values. Last November, Governor Kevin Stitt directed the Oklahoma State Department of Health to stop issuing birth certificates that listed the recipient’s gender as nonbinary. Stitt, a member of the Republican Party and still in his first term, stated that his administration never approved the […]

Union Pacific has made over 100 arrests in the last three months, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Amazon, UPS and FedEx packages stolen off freights

Railroad crimes in Los Angeles have increased during the pandemic; Union Pacific blames District Attorney George Gascón. In January, packages from Amazon, UPS and FedEx were found on the side of railroad tracks in Los Angeles, California. Thousands of packages were rifled through, looted and abandoned. Shipments were in transit to recipients across the country. […]

courtesy @chiefs on Twitter

Kansas City Chiefs’ last-second comeback against the Bills

The Chiefs recovered with only 13 seconds left, entering the semifinals, discusses sports editor Callie Hummel. With the brackets narrowing down and the NFL closing in on the Super Bowl, all eight teams proved their worthiness to be in the quarterfinals with close scores and multiple touchdown comebacks. One of the most unbelievable comebacks happened […]

Banning books also bans acceptance and equality

Oklahoma regresses by proposing a new bill to ban books related to sexuality, race and gender. Across the nation, numerous states are banning large numbers of books that deal with sexuality, gender and race. Especially in Oklahoma, a number of books will be banned at the discretion of parents with children in school. Oklahoma State […]

The Russo-Ukrainian War began in February 2014, with the central division laying between Ukrainian pro-Russian protesters and those advocating for separation. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Russian invasion of Ukraine Seems Inevitable

The U.S.’s proposed diplomatic solution has not been accepted. In the midst of the growing crisis between Russia and Ukraine and recent reports from Britain of President Vladimir Putin’s plans for a supposed puppet-regime, citizens of the United States are beginning to wonder what sort of American involvement may be on the horizon. Chairman of […]

"The Zach Sang Show" started in 2012 as "Zach Sang and the Gang" courtesy Cumulus Media

The Zach Sang Show: a podcast for music lovers

The “Zach Sang Show” offers insight into the music and lives of the biggest names in the industry. “Hello wonderful humans.” This is how Zach Sang starts off almost every episode of the podcast on the “Zach Sang Show.” Sang utters this phrase with absolute sincerity and enthusiasm. This podcast features conversations between Sang and […]

Pictured above is Laprarie's second largest collage, finished in 2019 photo by Margaret Laprarie

An Ode to Oil Painting

Laprarie recounts her artistic journey from collage to oil painting along with some current projects. I’ve painted my whole life, but for the first time, I feel like I’m really painting. As a kid I always had some acrylic paints lying around—a few of those Crayola watercolor sets—and sometimes I would make art that I […]

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“Drive My Car” a film worthy of its length

In Hamaguchi’s “Drive My Car,” actors speaking different languages navigate communication, grief and human connection “Drive My Car,” a 2021 film directed by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, is a long contemplation on grief and communication. Hamaguchi adapted the screenplay from various stories in Haruki Murakami’s collection “Men Without Women,” primarily the story with the same name as […]