Women speaking out against local artist

Dozens of women in the Tulsa area have come forward against Scott Taylor with claims of sexual assault. Scott Taylor has been an influential artist in the Tulsa area for many years now. He debuted in 2014 and made an impression with his bold color choices and abstract compositions. However, Taylor has recently begun to […]

Oklahoma to receive settlement from JUUL

JUUL has finally resolved the lawsuits from several states and Oklahoma is set to receive part of the payout. The company JUUL has been under investigation for about two years now for the way that they market their products to a younger audience, mainly teenagers and young adults. Oklahoma is one of 33 states that […]

The Elizabethan Age has come to an end

The U.K. is having an identity crisis now that their longest reigning monarch has died. The death of Queen Elizabeth II brought the end of the Elizabethan Age. It is worth asking what this age was and what it represented. Her reign witnessed drastic societal changes as the United Kingdom sought to rebuild itself following […]

Point Counterpoint: Seattle Teacher Strike

Background After a weeklong teacher strike in Seattle, classes resumed on Sept. 14. The district and the Seattle Education Association (SEA) reached a tentative agreement for a three-year contract that includes an increase in pay by 7% the first year, 4% the second year and 3% the third year. The wage increase in years two […]

Queen Elizabeth’s use of brooches as more than just an accessory

The late Queen used her own jewelry, specifically brooches, to make symbolic statements to the public. If you’ve been following the coverage of the late Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, you’ve probably seen the headlines discussing the use of jewelry at this event as more than an accessory. From the Bahrain pearl drop earrings Kate Middleton wore […]

See me after class

See Me After Class is a weekly column where a different professor reveals their variety favorites. Dr. Roger Wainwright is a professor and the chairman of the Tandy School of Computer Science. He double majored in mathematics and computer science at Iowa State University, where he received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. Wainwright was the […]

Mexican Modernism and the Philbrook

The Philbrook’s last exhibition included works from Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. In the four years I have lived in Tulsa, OK, somehow I have only made it to the Philbrook Museum of Art for the first time this last month. When my mom came to visit me this semester, I knew it would be […]

L.S. Dunes’ live debut at Riot Fest

The supergroup performed for the first time to a roaring crowd Comprising Anthony Green (Circa Survive), Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Tucker Rule (Thursday), Tim Payne (Thursday) and Travis Stever (Coheed & Cambria), L.S. Dunes is a supergroup that takes that term to a new level entirely. Merging pop-punk and hardcore, L.S. Dunes made their […]

Not your typical concert: My Chemical Romance’s festival return

Punk powerhouse My Chemical Romance played their first festival since their breakup in 2013 earlier this month at Riot Fest. From the get-go, the concert was unlike any other. As the band took the stage, lead singer Gerard Way’s eccentric ensemble immediately stole the show with what can only be described as half Jackie O, […]