Tulsa rowing finishes the fall season strong

Sports writer Katherine Stenning provides an overview of the rowing season The Tulsa women’s rowing fall season has come to a golden end, with the team competing and winning races in both the 4+ and 8+ in the Tulsa Fall Invitational. This is Tulsa’s first season with its new head coach and coaching staff, and […]

A brief glimpse at TU’s Esports teams

Sports writer Matthew Montanio interviews various players about their Esports experience As I came into the small room filled with screens, I could almost hear the clacking of keyboards as teammates excitedly called out commands within their game of Overwatch. In a way, this casual, collaborative practice embodies a lot of the personality and identity […]

The Collegian’s crystal ball predictions for 2023

The Collegian team put their fortune-telling heads together and predict the coming year of sports. Caspian Denton: NBA Finals Winner As the 2021-2022 season concluded, the league revealed that all-star-packed teams don’t necessarily perform the greatest. This is shown by the L.A. Lakers not making it to the playoffs, along with the Brooklyn Nets getting […]

Family found dead in suspected murder-suicide in Broken Arrow

Deceased couple are now considered the primary suspects in the death of their six children after the whole family was discovered dead in their burning home Authorities found eight people dead in a burning house in the Tulsa-area suburb Broken Arrow on Oct. 27 and are currently investigating it as a murder suicide. The two […]

Death of U of A freshmen, Hannah Pham

Freshman Hannah Pham is remembered by family and friends. This past October the University of Arkansas lost one of their freshmen. Hannah Mai-Huyen Pham from Shreveport, LA died at age 18 on Oct. 26. Hannah Pham started at University of Arkansas this past semester as a nursing major and was currently in the process of […]

TU rebrands College of Engineering

The College of Engineering & Natural Sciences is no more Last Thursday, The University of Tulsa announced the renaming of the Oxley College of Health Sciences to the Oxley College of Health Sciences & Natural Sciences (HSNS), after rebranding the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences (ENS) to the College of Engineering & Computer Science […]

Kanye West is off the rails again with no sign of slowing down

Kanye West is once again proving his chaotic, unpredictable nature after his recent controversies Kanye West may have legal action taken against him after his recent appearance on the Drink Champs podcast. During his time on air, West suggested that George Floyd’s death was solely due to his drug use and not caused by former […]

San Francisco woman sues city for violation of rights

Violation of law does not equal violation of rights Looking for a controversial conversation topic this Thanksgiving dinner? Look no further than this past September’s case of the San Francisco resident who sued the city for using the DNA from her sexual assault case to charge her for an unrelated crime. I hope you’re ready […]

Supreme Court denies equal rights to residents of U.S. territories

The Supreme Court declined to review the case of Fitisemanu v. United States The Supreme Court had the opportunity to overturn racist precedents set by the Insular Cases in the 20th century and grant residents of U.S. territories equal rights by taking up Fitisemanu v. United States. The honorable and fair justices declined to do […]