Kevin Wilson begins his head coach career at TU

Sports editor Callie Hummel discusses the new football coach hire. The University of Tulsa introduced Kevin Wilson as the new football head coach at a press conference on Dec. 6. After graduating from and playing for University of North Carolina, Wilson has spent his entire career and graduate experience coaching football. He has spent three […]

The Cowboys struggled during the 2022 season

The Cowboys’ season was disappointing for Dallas fans, writes sports writer Daryl Turner. The Dallas Cowboys have been a complete disappointment for the last decade and it has begun to become sickening to be a fan. The team lost in the post season to a San Francisco 49ers team that has backup quarterback Brock Purdy […]

Food on the move with Starship Technologies

TU has implemented more robotic services: this time it is food delivery instead of grass removal Late last semester, small, white droid-like robots began to scurry about the University of Tulsa campus. Food delivery bots from Starship Technologies have become a common sight to any campus-goer, with their little orange flags and headlights. These funny […]

Ruth Nelson, leading Tulsa philanthropist, passes at 87

Ruth Nelson dedicated her life to helping those around her who were less fortunate. Ruth Kaiser Nelson passed away on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at the age of 87. Nelson was one of Tulsa’s leading philanthropists committing herself to helping those less fortunate than herself. Nelson and her family are Jewish and originally came to the […]

The ‘unstoppable’ gun violence in America

How many kids have to die before you care? This year has started like every other with gun deaths reaching peak levels only seen in the mid-1990s. Currently, the number of mass shootings in America outnumbers the days in the year. At the time of writing, there have been 39 mass shootings throughout the United […]

The National Archives loses government documents

McFarlin Library keeps better track of books than the federal government keeps track of classified documents. A surprising new trend among former and current public officials seems to be emerging: finding stashes of classified documents at homes and offices of executive officials. Both President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence have turned over […]

The aptly titled ‘Every Loser’

The latest Iggy Pop album features a slew of guests, but they fail to save the monstrosity Pop creates. Fame changes people. Too many artists find themselves unable to replicate the work that made them famous in the first place, and this holds true especially in music. Boston never came close to recovering the magic […]

Oral Roberts returns from the grave amidst plague of locusts

Behold! He is returned. The trumpets hath sounded! Tulsa, OK—We’ve experienced some hectic weather these past couple of weeks, from chilly 20s to comforting 60s, and although not quite the snow that many of us were hoping for, we have experienced a fun meteorological phenomenon instead: Oral Roberts, renowned televangelist and founder of Oral Roberts […]