Maya Mayberry surpasses 1,500 career points

Sports editor Callie Hummel speaks with Mayberry on the team’s recent successes. Upon starting her collegiate basketball career, Maya Mayberry didn’t have a numerical scoring goal for her time at TU. However, as the games and seasons progressed, it was quickly apparent that Mayberry was going to break 1500 career points, whether it were a […]

The 2022 FIFA World Cup: a sports-washing masterclass

Sports writer Ryan Shumaker speaks on the good and the bad of the World Cup. The 2022 FIFA World Cup saw the might of football’s powerhouse nations clash with a resilient rising tide of smaller nations to produce unforgettable moments of magic and drama. Unfortunately, there is a dark side of this World Cup’s story […]

Tulsa criminal defense attorney charged with multiple crimes

Last week Tulsa criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Krigel had six charges levied against him based on his long history of alleged sexual assault and rape. Last week Tulsa criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Krigel was charged with multiple crimes including rape and witness intimidation. According to the official court record, there are six total charges levied […]

TU names Dr. Jennifer Frey inaugural Dean of Honors College

Under Frey’s leadership, the new Honors College promises to offer students accelerated liberal arts education and increased opportunities for campus involvement Early this month, President Brad Carson announced Dr. Jennifer Frey as the next leader of TU’s Honors program, soon to be expanded into a full Honors College, with the arrival of Frey in July. […]

TU needs to implement fall break

TU does not provide enough vacation days during the school semesters, and it is a detriment to students. The University of Tulsa does not provide students with days off that are spaced in a way that students can truly feel rested. Each semester, students are run ragged under constant pressure to work. The only breaks […]

TU sets Guinness World Record for largest pizza party

If the goal was charity, TU spent more effort breaking the record than inducing generosity. This past Saturday, the University of Tulsa made history by hosting the largest documented pizza party in the world. The Guinness World Record was attempted between 6:50 p.m. and 7:05 p.m. There were 3,357 people in attendance at the Reynold’s […]

Mercury Lounge incurs thousands of dollars worth of damages due to accident

The venue has started a GoFundMe to offset some of the costs. Last week, disaster struck everyone’s favorite dive bar, the Mercury Lounge. Unfortunately, the venue’s trash service accidentally wreaked havoc through the bar’s lot, causing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage. In a post on Facebook, the venue shared these details: “We […]

The University of Tulsa celebrates the Lunar New Year

Various student organizations teamed up to host this festive event. On Jan. 20, the Asian American Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association, Association of International Students and the Chinese Student Association came together to host a Lunar New Year Festival. The event included food, performances, games and raffles to celebrate the year of the rabbit and […]

Trust me, I love Jeff Bezos

To all future employers: please read this instead of my resume. As the satire editor for the Collegian, I have begun to worry that my future employers will search my name and find a picture of Kevin Stitt smoking a blunt. That might turn off potential job opportunities such as the narcotics division of the […]

Weekly Horoscopes: A Pizza-Advice

In the spirit of TU’s attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest pizza party, this week’s horoscopes are pizza themed! Don’t worry, I didn’t just make this up, the stars told me so! Aquarius: No pizza for you this week, Aquarius. I know…it doesn’t make any sense, but you have to trust me […]